Dreams of you

He haunts me in my dreams

I try to forget him

but how can I when he shows up when I sleep


At least all is good and happy

for only a while, it feels like reality

The imagery flashes vividly

as we live a fairytale unreal for me


I wake up with unpleasant emptyness

as realization dawns with awareness

that you are no longer here for me


I wish you could see

how you overtake my memory

Once or twice was fine

until it turned into every night


Dreams of you of us and all we could have been

appears once I go to sleep

I am curious, have you ever continuously dreamt about someone or something? And did you discover the meaning behind it?

Please feel free to share

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Silly game

I was played for a fool,

how stupid one can be, when it comes to you?

Tell me were all those heartfelt words ever true

or was I just another temporary task for you to do?

The thing that hurts the most

is to know you never cared at all

I have long conversations, fights, and do-overs with your ghost

I might as well stop, you already ignored every call

When it came to you I was nothing but naive

You made me believe what we had was something special

I should’ve known you would want to leave

My attempt to do so first was unsuccessful

Gosh, you were so deep under my skin

You always came running back begging me to stay

I would always let you in

Now I see

I was just a silly game you liked to play

And like with any other game, you got bored


I blame myself

My Happy Place

Building our foundation

Not one of my best poems, not one of my worst either, but I hope you enjoyed it anyhow.

Much love and abundance, and may you have a blessed day.


Hope for your arrival

if only she could wish less

as hope for your arrival never fades

your presence is all she craves


listening to each oncoming vehicle

which leads her to many small disappointments

over and over again


she has tried many times to focus on something else

tried to keep herself busy with tasks and projects around the house

yet you are all that seems to captivate her thoughts

your absence is making her lonely

which gets worse with each hour passing slowly


oh won’t you just please hurry

save her mind from all the anxiety

I’m not sure who needs to hear this but let it go if it no longer serves you.


I have written this poem months ago and I am not sure why I haven’t published it yet, but oh well, here it is now. Hope you enjoyed it.

Have a blessed day, much love and abundance, take care.

This and That #1

When we first met,

I knew there was something about you.

We kept on meeting,

unplanned and unarranged.

I invited you over for the first time,

we started talking and our interest in each other increased.

You took me out to dinner,

we both saw potential.

We swam in my backyard,

and shyness was present in both of us.

Talking under the stars,

we built an unexpected emotional connection.

Our first kiss,

and something told me that we would last forever.

🌸More support and less judgment

🌸More love and less hate

🌸More ambition and less procrastination

🌸More truth and less lies


I have a lot to say

Though I’ll try to keep it short and sweet

You make time for me every day

Loving you is a personal treat

You make me feel loved at my lowest

You are my best friend, probably my only true friend

You treat me like a Queen even when I don’t deserve it

We are the one thing I don’t ever want to see end

I know we will prosper and accomplish great things

We will keep on proving all the naysayers wrong

We will cherish the precious moments that life brings

Our relationship is diamond strong

I want to spend a lifetime together

It is you and I forever


So my Pinterest gave me some very random pictures yesterday and these stood out, I thought they were worth sharing💜


I will keep pushing myself

I have goals to complete and doubts to burn

dreams to achieve and fears to crush

I won’t hold back any longer

I won’t allow myself to live in my comfort zone anymore

I’ll push procrastination right out the door

This much is very clear, I am destined for great things

It’s time I start acting like it

Random 6 word challenge

🌸I admire you, I truly do

🌸You didn’t even notice me leave

🌸I will never want you back

🌸I want our first kiss again

🌸We are stronger when working together

🌸Hold me like you used to

I know this was a very random post, hope you found something to enjoy. If you did or didn’t, let me know. Thanks for reading and have a blessed day❤


My Happy Place


Building our foundation


Our love is fresh and new

we’re on a path of discovery

learning things we never knew

trying to understand the great mystery

of what makes us tick

finding all the perks and flaws that stick


Fights shortly follow

with both parties to blame

it can be a hard pill to swallow

but things aren’t always meant to stay the same


The beginnings of relationships are interesting

A mixture of discovery, butterflies, passion, misunderstanding, and confusion

Seeing one another as their everything


In the end, we’re slowly piling up bricks

building our foundation of love and trust

Everything happens for a reason:

To love each other all the more

with every passing second

to benefit the future together


I blame myself

I blame myself

for giving my all

for committing too soon too fast

for jumping head first without thinking things through


I blame myself

for caring with every fiber in my body

for falling blindly in-love

for not listening to all those warnings


I blame myself

for the naive person that I am

for thinking I was enough for you

for trying too hard


I blame myself

for believing there was still hope left

for the pain that doesn’t seem to fade

for being heart-broken


I blame myself for loving you


Two Wholes

It feels like I was waiting forever

yet every moment I treasured

because in those moments I was shown how to be happy for the better

the value of these lessons cant be measured


your happiness should never be dependant on others, nor material things

happiness is homemade and up to us to cultivate

we must change our mindset before the sun sets

search for anything and everything good in life

find yourself by challenging yourself

learn to love, believe and lead yourself

always strive to be better no matter the weather

learn to sharpen your own knife


It was worth the wait

I had to learn to fill my own cup

I’m not a half anymore and your not my other half

rather we are two wholes colliding into one whole

self-love is what brought me you, and with it, true-love

hadn’t I made the change, things would have never turned out this way

Just thought I would share as it brightened up my day.💖

Thank you so much for reading, hope you are enjoying my poems, because I plan on writing more of them.

Please leave me your honest thoughts, I truly do want to improve my poem writing.

Have an amazing and blessed day. I wish you all the best.


Let me in

Not the truth, yet not a lie

it feels like betrayal and I don’t have much reason why

I struggle to keep a hold of my emotions

I’m trying my best to steer them in the right directions

Yet, my pursuit is pretty much hopeless


Please explain to me why it was so hard for you

to simply tell me the easy truth

can’t you see what silence can do

it can turn everything sweet into a bitter tooth


Not telling me makes my mind run endlessly

does the fault lie with me, I thought we shared everything

I guess I overthink too easily

every thought accompanied by a sting

I’ll always let you be, as long as you let me in

Hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to share your thoughts.

Have an amazing day!


Toward emotional intelligence

Anger fuels anger, regret shortly follow

nasty words we didn’t mean get blurted out with no return

putting your emotions through a blender, making it hard to swallow

fighting on, why are we always so stubborn


Guilt trip and shaming to make someone feel bad

playing the victim which makes things worse

going the wrong way about it, it is kinda sad

it will only bring the bond a curse


Nothing hurts more than disappointment

it hits deep, it reveals parts that you didn’t know existed

they held you so high and you couldn’t reach their expectations

senses overflowing with guiltiness

there is almost certainly nothing that feels worse

We need better ways to communicate our feelings. The only way we will better our communication is through better understanding our own emotions and the real why behind them.

We will only begin to get better at handling arguments, anger, and hurts if we start working on our emotional intelligence.

I struggled to get a title for this poem, it would mean a lot if you have any ideas for me🙈

I wanted to do something else, and fun in a way, so I created this poll:

What is your response when angry, hurt or upset most of the times?


Click the link to vote for the most suited option.

Thanks for reading, I would love to hear your thoughts on this poem and whether there is anything you would have done differently.

If you don’t mind, would you leave me a rating on this poem in the comment section from 1-10, and give a reason if it is below 6.

I truly want to improve my poem writing, it would mean a lot if you could leave a rating and any tips that you have for me.