Turning Pain Into Purpose

We all experience pain at some point in our lives. And we have a choice to make; we can either choose to let it consume us and make us bitter at heart or we can choose to turn our pain into something beautiful and meaningful. Pain is without saying an awful feeling, but it is what we choose to do with it that matters.

I created this post to help you through current and past traumas. This post was inspired by Nadia, you will find more about her in this post.

We always have the opportunity to turn any emotion into a form of art.

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How to turn your pain into purpose

Note: Most of these things are easier said than done, but doing it will bring a positive change.

💕Allow yourself to feel

If you want to cry, cry. Let it all out. There is no point in collecting the pain and holding on to it, suppressing it will only turn it into hate and anger that will be directed at the wrong people/things. Just make sure you don’t stay in that depressing place when allowing yourself to completely feel the pain.

💕Try to focus on the solution and not the problem

So now you’ve felt the pain completely, now what? It is time to start moving forward, to find the beauty in all these experiences. Give a meaning to it that will help you move forward positively.

Meanings like: everything happens for a reason; this will make me wiser and stronger; this will help me in future struggles; God/The Universe or whatever you may believe in is preparing you for a happy life etc.

One of the best things that helped me grow recently is to look at my bad memories and finding the good in them. Looking at the person who hurt me, and to remember what I admired in them and still do. To look at the person who hurt me, and feeling grateful for the good and bad, for the bad has made me much wiser and stronger. In the end, the bad wasn’t bad, it was a stepping stone to greatness.


This is a great place to start. Pain is a powerful emotion, and when it is directed to doing things you love doing, the beauty becomes amplified. Focus on doing things that bring you joy and happiness.

💕 It’s about creating the future you deserve

Stop looking back if it causes you more pain.

You are the creator of your own future. Create a life you love. You deserve to live a long, happy, and fulfilled life. Never accept anything less than you deserve.

Who is your ideal self? answer this and work towards that ideal version of you.

💕Set yourself free

You deserve to be free from everything that weighs you down, whether it is the past, pain, grief, hate, etc. you owe it to yourself to be happy.


Turning to gratitude is the fastest way to feel better and turn your pain into purpose, for there is always something to be grateful for, sometimes it only takes a bit more effort to find it.

The power of Gratitude



A woman of strength

Nadia Ngcobo (19)

Nadia is the beautiful young lady who inspired todays post. She is truly a remarkable woman. She is kindhearted and passionate, she spreads goodness and empowerement wherever she goes. She has learnt to put her pain towards good.

She speaks at schools and tries to relate to the stories she hears and tries to help people realize that there is a lot that can come out of pain. She tries to empower these students, as well as contribute sanitary pads, school uniforms, cosmetics, etc. by gaining sponsorships and donations.

Her mother physically and emotionally abused her and even deprived her of food. When she was finally taken into custody she learned how to turn her pain into art; by writing and speaking and helping others. She strives to be a better person than her mother was.

Not too long ago she was also sexually harassed and is still working through some emotions. Thank you Nadia for being so strong, and able to share the terrible things that have happened to you, and to still treat people with kindness and love.

Nadia has already accomplished quite a few things in her life. She was deputy head girl at her school. In 2019 she was South Africa Champion in Afrikaans speakers (redenaars) which is an amazing accomplishment. Like I’ve said before, she speaks at schools, contributes to them physically and mentally. Nadia is destined for greatness.

Nadia’s contribution to Youth Day 2021 South Africa

Something extra: This speech landed her a job offer

Here is the Audio from the Voice Of the Community Radio if you would prefer listening to her speak.


They were bruised, battered, killed and they rioted, fighting for education. 45 years later, was the uprising worth the lives of the youth of 1976, or has their struggle gone down the drain as the youth of today plunges on resources bringing about negative change?

If the mandate was education, why do we still have schools lacking basic infrastructure and study material? We have an education system that focuses more on the theory of things rather than skills that will equip the youth for the outside world ensuring that they are independent and not dependent on foreign manipulated companies.

If education is important, why do we have so many graduates sitting at home because they do not meet the ridiculous job experience requirements and lack employment opportunities? What message are we bringing across to the young ones that are yet to go to university? Universities that financially excluded students because of their historical debts while they have millions sitting in their bank accounts. Is the South African education system still colonized or is its independence constantly being altered to accommodate the standards of the youth? I mean we went from a 50% pass rate to a 30% pass rate that’s a decline in the progression of our education.

With an unemployment rate of 16,9% in 1976 and an increase to 28,48% in 2020, have we progressed or are we going backward as a country with a laid-back youth? What happened to the spirit of Soweto Uprising martyrs? What happened to the fight for quality education? Why can’t we fight for our rights as we fight for Gender-Based Violence, Fees Must Fall, and the acceptance of the LGBQTI+ community? 

We commit crimes because of unemployment. We live in a society where politicians bathe in corruption and take pride in racketeering. How then do we complain about the 0.7% increase in contact crimes? How then do we continue with an increase in youth pregnancies when we have so many pregnancy preventative methods put in place to control the birth rate? Do we care more about our sexual urges or are we breaking the cycle of raising children in dysfunctional and financially struggling households? We prefer graduating in the form of a child rather than in the form of an academic degree. We live off social grants instead of contributing towards social grants.

Is there anything that the youth of today can show the youth of 1976 for their fight towards where we are today? What is freedom if our minds are still enslaved by colonization? Where is the progression? We are not the tomorrow of this country, we are the today, the now of South Africa. When will we wake up and smell the coffee? When will use the South African Youth council to our advantage? How many seats do we occupy in the Parliament? When will we have our own uprising towards unemployment, education, and the history of our country and continent? 

We as the youth should benefit from government set-asides in government procurement. Let enterprises get contracts if they can prove that 25% of their employees are youth. Let the Government develop legislation that will ensure that the private sector procures 50% of its goods from the youth and local enterprises.

As a young person of South Africa, I want to participate in the value chain. I want to have a say in matters that include me.

Can the youth not venture into agriculture without an increase in farm murders? In March 2021, farm murders increased to 35 from 22. When noble laureate Desmond Tutu called us a rainbow nation it was in reference to the diversity in our country and our ability to perhaps one day live in interracial harmony where colour is just colour. Where colour is not a privilege to some and a crime to others. We kill the very farmers that we want to supply us with local organic vegetables and livestock. We kill the very framers that contribute a lot to this country’s agriculture.  

When I look at my fellow peers, I see future Vusi Themekwayo(s), future Ludwick Marishane(s), I see future Addi Pienaar(s) because we have the potential to be far more than what we’re settling for. We’re too comfortable in poverty. We’re too comfortable with this education. We’re too comfortable with racism. We’re too comfortable in being uncomfortable.

I don’t know you but I’m emancipating myself from colonial mental slavery, racism, corruption, Gender-Based Violence, a colonially influenced education system and I’m creating employment opportunities for myself and the future generation. I am emancipating myself from a country that’s taking one step forward and ten steps backward. I am not the tomorrow of South Africa, I am the today of South Africa. I am the now of South Africa.  I am South Africa.


Questions to Nadia

What are your hobbies?

I crochet, knit, write and sing.

What is the one thing you look forward to when you wake up?

I look forward to talking to My Love, hearing him tell me how his day is and how much he loves me. I look forward to praying with him, for him, and our families. I look forward to laughing with him. I look forward to growing with him

Favorite colour: Black

Favorite song: Best Part

Favorite author: John Green

Favorite food: Mcdonalds burger

Favorite snack: Doritos

Favorite poem: I rise by Maya Angelo

Favorite person: Jean-Pierre (my boyfriend)

What are your three favorite books?

  • A fault in our stars
  • The Great Gatsby
  • Bear The Blessers Game

How do you define success?

Success is being contented with what you have because you worked hard for it. Success is Love. Success is Happiness and Success is Hope.

What fuels your passion?

Pain. Whatever pain I go through I turn it into something positive and also art. My mother and I aren’t close so the pain she brings me drives me to the better.

What do you want to be?

I want to do Law and become a Human rights lawyer. I have been sexually harassed multiple times so I want to fight for those that cannot fight for themselves.

Who do you look up to the most and why?

Myself. I’ve never met anyone as strong as me so I look up to the person I was yesterday because the person I was yesterday drives me to become a better person today.

My mother never encouraged me to do anything, and she was always against anything I did, so I decided that I am not even going to impress her and I am going to prove myself right. I am going to prove to myself that I am the woman who I say I am. That I am a fountain of grace, strength, and prayer. I don’t work to prove anyone wrong, I work to prove myself right.

Make yourself proud

What inspires and motivates you?

My mother’s inability to love me. Pain and will to be everything that my mother isn’t.

What do you believe in and try to promote?

Responsible citizenship and being the Voice of The Oppressed.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I see myself as a UN speaker representing those that are oppressed by the justice system and men.

How would you describe yourself?

Bold and unapologetic.

5 things you are grateful for

  • Life
  • Family
  • Love
  • Peace
  • Freedom of expression

Do you love yourself?

Yes, I do, to love someone else I need to love myself first.

Would you describe yourself as a confident person?

Yes, I rise above everything with my head held high.

Your best tip on self-love and confidence

Don’t let anyone tell you what you can and cannot be. Never do things to impress people there don’t prove work to prove them wrong, work to prove yourself right.

If you had one year left to live, what would you do?

I would enrich more lives and appreciate the ones I love more.

Do you have any regrets?

Yes. When I got sexually harassed, and my boyfriend warned me but I didn’t listen, if I had listened I wouldn’t have gotten harassed

What are the things you wish to experience and learn about?

I want to experience the love of a mother and learn to forgive and let go of things I cannot control.

What do you think makes life meaningful?

Letting go of the past, living in the present, and looking forward to the future.


A written piece by Nadia

With tears falling from the corner of her eyes and voice screaming from deep within her soul, he pressed hard against her pride, soul ties that were awaiting marriage, and bold eyes which dug deeper into her soul as she begged for mercy from a merciless cologne infused her purity, silenced her cry and diminished her smile. Even with her eyes closed, she can still see the callous smirk that was once disguised as a courteous young gent raised by an African mother and breastfed by her pain. She felt her insides go numb as her body laid still. Her closed opening burn but the fluids meant to protect her leisurely watching like a wounded activist, stained robes which used to be whiter than the finest grains of virgin snow. Still.. from screaming until her veins mapped the road to Eden, from her hands scratching and pushing to her legs kicking and frozen she went still… for the only voice she had left, was the polluted river whose flows flowed like stretchmarks mapped like the roots of a fruitful apple tree. And even though the sheets were left scarred by a virgin’s cry for mercy. Like the color of her skin, it was her destiny just as it was her ancestors’.

Thank you Nadia for sharing your authentic self 🦋

Can you relate to turning your pain into passion?

Hope you took some value from this post.

Much love and abundance


Live life in full bloom

1st of September already! time surely flew by this year, or is it just me? There are only 4 months/124 days left before 2022

Today is officially Spring in South Africa (although it doesn’t quite feel like it yet), and I was looking for spring quotes and came across this one: Live life in full bloom. And immediately I felt inspired after having such a long day and felt the need to share.

What it means to live life in full bloom

Living life in full bloom means living with hope and purpose, with imagination and vision, in a way that honors the Earth, the spirit, and one another ~ Elizabeth Murray

I also see it as living life to the fullest, giving your all and your best, bringing happiness to yourself and others, doing what you love, and going after your wildest dreams.

How to live life in full bloom

I think the best way to live life in full bloom is by being/becoming our ideal selves. Think about it, your best self is most probably happy, energized, creative, passionate, loving, fun, and whatever it may be for you.

Becoming your ideal self is a concept I have recently started to take more seriously, it is a concept I believe everyone should understand. After all, we are either moving forward or moving backward. Embrace the glorious mess that you blend in so well with this concept because it means to fully accept yourself as you are while also working on yourself and becoming your best/ideal self.

🐾Prioritise what is important to you.

Do what makes you happy, and everything else will fall into place. 

🐾Put energy into your goals/hobbies

🐾Take more risks

You should make it a point to step outside of your comfort zone, it almost always guarantees growth.

🐾Show your appreciation to the ones you love.

🐾Be more present

Your past is important to learn from. Your future is important to work towards. Though the only thing that truly exists is now. You can practice gratitude and mindfulness to be more present.

🐾Get clear on who your ideal self is for you.

Do something today that brings you closer to that ideal version of you.

🐾Just do anything that makes your soul happy, joyous, calm, grateful, loved, etc.

🐾Today my teacher told me we have to have small things that bring us happiness, and it is very true. For me, it is reading, improving myself in one way or another, sitting outside on the grass, and drinking my favorite coffee.

How to re-energize your spirit when you feel drained

I felt drained these past few days and also heard classmates complain about the same thing, and this morning I was listening to a video where Abraham Hicks basically says that our emotions are our indicator for whether we are in harmony with who we are or whether we aren’t. It is our job to keep track of our negative emotions and work through them or make much-needed changes.

🦋 Find a way to unleash your inner child through something that brings you true joy, something that makes you smile brightly from the inside out.

🦋 Do some exercises, whether full on fitness or yoga, or even dancing, it doesn’t have to be a lot, just get your body moving.

🦋 Like I’ve mentioned before, gratitude! You can start a gratitude journal.

The power of Gratitude

🦋 Get a good night’s rest while listening to Subliminals/affirmations while you sleep.

🦋 Watch something inspirational/motivational or a comedy or watch a show that you’ve already seen but would totally watch it again.

🦋 Take a step back from everything that makes it feel as if it is weighing down on your shoulders, and shift your focus.

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Happy Spring!

It isn’t spring for everybody, so happy autumn too🍁

I hope you enjoyed this post

Much love and abundance 🙏❤

Spring quotes:


A beautiful soul

Colorful and bright

Love is always in sight

There is no limit to which extend

a simple act of kindness can spread

You are a beautiful soul,

leaving seeds of inspiration wherever you go


It is with great pleasure that I share a talented, insightful, wise and amazing post about a sweet and beautiful soul that found me on WordPress. I felt that his comments were worth sharing.

Frederick, I am forever grateful that our paths crossed on this platform.


Comment on Dreams of you

“Embrace the glorious mess that you are”

SMiLes Karlien that’s Very Profound You Know

What Would A Man Do Financially Independent

For The Rest of His Life already marrying the

Most Beautiful Woman For What He

Dreamed of All His Life

What Would Be

Left to Do

Except Paint

The Midnight Sky
Colors He’s Never Felt Before…

True Others Might Seek Intensities
of Physical Pleasures Alone in Novel
Ways of Life Yet What Life Teaches me Most

Is it is Reality

That is the


And Our Potential
to Paint the Midnight New
Moon Sky With Colors Never
Felt Before Yes True Even with
My Dream Girl at my Side Forevemorenow

For 33 Years i too am Haunted then by Dreams
of First Love Coming Back to me not Nearly As Beautiful
As Dream Woman Girl by my Side Yet Still A Dream Where

Life is Really


only For

Ours to Paint
To Create At Essence
of What We Really Feel now
Awake or Asleep the Reality as
Real as Real Gets What We Feel and Sense now

Precipice of Heaven And Hell Loss and Gain Night
And Day Dark and Light Twilight Intense Where Hell



In Life


It’s True

On A Roller Coaster
There’s Not Much Excitement
Traveling in Grey Scale Life with
No Rises or Falls to Color Midnight Skies

You See in School And In Work And Sadly At Home
As Well We are most Never Taught How to Master Dreamtime

Now True There is No ‘Morpheus’ At our Side Out of A ‘Matrix Movie’
to Unplug From What We Have Been Spoon-Fed in Deadlines of Making
Money and Things Life to Generate Our Own Colors of Nirvana And Bliss

Still to come Now

As Art Forms Generating

Essence Life Breathes New Now

So i looked Within And Found Still Seeking
Now Finding Answers in Free Flowing Words
of Free Verse Poetry And Yes Dreamtime in Dance
Steps in Public As 15,088 Miles of Meditating Moving
That In Flow and 9.4 MiLLioN Words Have come in 94 Months too

For What i’ve Come to Understand

Is Life is Order and Chaos Feather

Becomes Wind Where Random

And Faith in Now Meets Where

Lucid Waking Dreamtime

Becomes Ours

Silent Pilot




Go Coloring New

Painting Midnight

Skies Feather Floats
Wind in Broad Daylight Now

Feel How Vague The Shape of
This Reality Is Then Paint the Shape

Of Your



As of course

You Already do
Embracing the Chaos
And Making Order The Magic That comes Next

OBTW my Dreams of my First Love Ended When
i Became The Dream And Thanked Her for the Grief
That Helped me Bring Back my Soul When All Was Lost
in Hell for 66 Months What i Found is the ability to Find the

Deep Warmth

in Connecting

Love What

i Left Behind

When She Left me

And Didn’t Realize It Until

i finally Thanked Her And Let her go…

As i didn’t Realize What Was Still Holding

my Deeper Ability to Love Back All those Years

We May Believe in some ways that the 5 Percent
of Awareness We See And Think is Our Realities Most Yet that

Is only the Surface of Our Ocean We may Still Come to See and Be
Through Arts of HeART SPiRiT Soul We Dive Deeper than what we ‘think’…

And Of


We Are All

Separate Oceans

Who Share the Same Dream

As Far As i Can And Will Dream For Now at Least..

SMiLes i Treasure All of Humanity Each Human Being

Another UNiVerSE of ‘God’ Yes Spirit Beyond Trademarks
to Explore my


Matter Form


Still to come
Golden Ages
Ever More Unfolding Souls…

Leaving All the Stuff And Money Behind…

if i had a Billion Dollars More i Will Discard
it like Dust in the Wind it is As my Weight Now
my Soul is Feather Greater Spirit Wind Coloring

HeART Free




The Hunchback of Notre Dame
The Phantom of the Opera
Frankenstein Without A Soul


Wanting to

Be Human

These Are All Archetypes

of the Devil Lost in Hell Within

And True For 66 Months i Am All of Those

Most Everyone Turned Away

From Me Living In Hell

On Earth

And i Lost
All ability

to Feel the
Giving and Receiving
of Love in Life the Flame
Within That makes life worth living at all

Other than That Experiencing Type Two
Trigeminal Neuralgia The Worst Pain Known
to Humankind No Drug Would Touch For 66 Months Shut-in my
Bedroom From Wake to Sleep With A Synergy of 18 Other Life Threatening
Mostly Chronic to Acute Work-Stress Related Disorders From A Slow Burn Then

of 11 Years of Stress to Hell

All My Poetry

Started When

One Person

in A Crowd

of Coldness

Told me Thank You

For Being Me No Act

Of Kindness is too Small

To Change An Entire UniVerse

Of A Human Being ReNeWeD Free

You Are A Kind Human

Being in Crowds

Of Cold



Up New Colors on

Human Christmas Trees
SMiLes Dear Friend Public
Dancing i Hear the Words Famous
Legend and Hero commonly in Life

Yet Still

The Loudest

Thank You

i Still Hear

is From A Stranger In Hell…

It’s People Like You Who Have
The ability to Bring Strangers Back to Life…

Feel the Blessing You Are to Others Most…

i’ve Interacted With Thousands of People

in the Last 10 Years and 7 Months and Close
to 13 MiLLioN Words online i feel the Gems When they Touch

my Soul

And Make

A New Color
on my Christmas
Tree i Refuse to Take Down

Have A Beautiful Soul-lit

Coloring Day Dream on FRiEnD Free…

Thank You

For Being You

For You Are

A Dream Come
True Today to me..:)


SMiLes Dear Karlien Most Everything i Write in my Blog
Is Simply A Copy And Paste of What Other Humans

Have inspired

Around the

Globe in the

Last 94 Months

Considering this Poem

Wouldn’t Exist Without

Inspiration of Yours Considering

That All my Poems are Gifts to those

Who Inspire my Soul In Other Words it

Belongs to You as Much as Me my FRiEnD

It Seems

The World

Would Be

A Nicer Place

if We Didn’t Try to
Own it So Much With

SMiLes hehe surely now

If We Feel We Are Enough Now

And are Complete All that’s Left to
Do is Give And Share Life Free mY FRiEnD

i am simply



You Welcome

me in Your Place
of Writing Life not

All Do i am Always

Surprised Actually when
Anyone Does Delightfully Yet this is
only My Heaven to Give and Share Free…

You Are Welcome to Do As You Please

With Any Art i Give and Share Free

All that i do

is A Finger

Print of Soul
Anyway with Smiles..

Shall We Own Foot Prints
on the Beach Not in my View
my FRiEnD Foot Prints Are For Others to Touch..:)

Comment on Silly game


Are Feelings Best or Worst

Feelings Are Who We Are

Are Poems Worst or Best

Poems Are Who We Really Are



At Least

When Home
Within Comes
Out to Dance Sing Free
Karlien Now With SMiLes..:)


Dropping his URL for the fourth time now, I hope you see the beauty of his soul like I do.

Dreams of you

He haunts me in my dreams

I try to forget him

but how can I when he shows up when I sleep


At least all is good and happy

for only a while, it feels like reality

The imagery flashes vividly

as we live a fairytale unreal for me


I wake up with unpleasant emptyness

as realization dawns with awareness

that you are no longer here for me


I wish you could see

how you overtake my memory

Once or twice was fine

until it turned into every night


Dreams of you of us and all we could have been

appears once I go to sleep

I am curious, have you ever continuously dreamt about someone or something? And did you discover the meaning behind it?

Please feel free to share

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Silly game

I was played for a fool,

how stupid one can be, when it comes to you?

Tell me were all those heartfelt words ever true

or was I just another temporary task for you to do?

The thing that hurts the most

is to know you never cared at all

I have long conversations, fights, and do-overs with your ghost

I might as well stop, you already ignored every call

When it came to you I was nothing but naive

You made me believe what we had was something special

I should’ve known you would want to leave

My attempt to do so first was unsuccessful

Gosh, you were so deep under my skin

You always came running back begging me to stay

I would always let you in

Now I see

I was just a silly game you liked to play

And like with any other game, you got bored


I blame myself

My Happy Place

Building our foundation

Not one of my best poems, not one of my worst either, but I hope you enjoyed it anyhow.

Much love and abundance, and may you have a blessed day.


This and That #1

When we first met,

I knew there was something about you.

We kept on meeting,

unplanned and unarranged.

I invited you over for the first time,

we started talking and our interest in each other increased.

You took me out to dinner,

we both saw potential.

We swam in my backyard,

and shyness was present in both of us.

Talking under the stars,

we built an unexpected emotional connection.

Our first kiss,

and something told me that we would last forever.

🌸More support and less judgment

🌸More love and less hate

🌸More ambition and less procrastination

🌸More truth and less lies


I have a lot to say

Though I’ll try to keep it short and sweet

You make time for me every day

Loving you is a personal treat

You make me feel loved at my lowest

You are my best friend, probably my only true friend

You treat me like a Queen even when I don’t deserve it

We are the one thing I don’t ever want to see end

I know we will prosper and accomplish great things

We will keep on proving all the naysayers wrong

We will cherish the precious moments that life brings

Our relationship is diamond strong

I want to spend a lifetime together

It is you and I forever


So my Pinterest gave me some very random pictures yesterday and these stood out, I thought they were worth sharing💜


I will keep pushing myself

I have goals to complete and doubts to burn

dreams to achieve and fears to crush

I won’t hold back any longer

I won’t allow myself to live in my comfort zone anymore

I’ll push procrastination right out the door

This much is very clear, I am destined for great things

It’s time I start acting like it

Random 6 word challenge

🌸I admire you, I truly do

🌸You didn’t even notice me leave

🌸I will never want you back

🌸I want our first kiss again

🌸We are stronger when working together

🌸Hold me like you used to

I know this was a very random post, hope you found something to enjoy. If you did or didn’t, let me know. Thanks for reading and have a blessed day❤


Beautiful Japanese Terms


Kintsugi: The art of precious scars


Scrolling through Pinterest I came across this Japanese term, Kintsugi, and felt the need to blog about it as it conveys my blog’s main message so beautifully (embrace the glorious mess that you are.) Kintsugi is built on the idea that in embracing flaws and imperfections, you can create an even stronger, more beautiful piece of art.

The philosophy behind kintsugi is to value an object’s beauty, as well as its imperfections, focusing on them equally as something to celebrate, not disguise.

From Broken To Beautiful: The Power of Kintsugi – Concrete Unicorn

I feel we have much to learn from this simple act of repairing a cracked pot with gold.


I want you to see the cracks in two slightly different ways:

1. As pain and suffering you went through

You see, we are just like these broken and repaired pots. How these objects cracked and broke, we too crack and break sometimes, yet I am sure you’ve noticed you came out stronger because of the pain and suffering. These pots too were made stronger; being repaired, but unlike most of us who much rather hide what we’ve been through, these pots are repaired with gold, highlighting the brokenness and flaws.

We shouldn’t hide the pain or be ashamed of the journey we went through, but celebrate it and even be proud of it, for it helped shape the person we have become today. I believe we have gone through whatever we did, for a reason, even when the reason may be unclear.

Once we overcome our obstacles, and once the pain lessens, our ‘cracks get filled with gold’. The pain we went through is binding ourselves stronger together and making us ‘more beautiful’, stronger, better, and wiser.


2. As flaws and mistakes

This brokenness of the pots is seen as flaws, just as we have many flaws of our own. I could write a book full of all my flaws and the mistakes I’ve made.

Our flaws are what makes us unique, it adds to our personality and the way we go through life. I personally love and accept most of my flaws, yet I always try to improve them, I try to fix them with ‘gold’.

Our mistakes are what make us wiser and better prepared for the future. Our mistakes can be seen as our lessons in life, our greatest and fastest teacher.

Without growth or improvement, we will stay like broken pots and be thrown into the trash after some time, instead of being repaired with gold and becoming more beautiful. We should strive for growth and improvement.

You should see the growth and improvement on your flaws and past mistakes as the gold which enhances and adds value to who you are.


Remember: Embrace the glorious mess that you are

Hope you enjoyed the post, there will be more posts on Japenese culture to come👣

Feel free to share your thoughts related and unrelated, I always enjoy listening to what you have to say and seeing things from someone else’s perspective.

I can’t thank you enough for reading and supporting my blog

May your life be filled with much love and abundance

Enjoy this blessed day


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COVID isn’t the only thing that is contagious

Energies are too!

Whatever you are thinking or feeling, you are projecting onto others.

We each have a chance to influence others. We each have a choice to carry positive or negative vibes/energies. We have the choice to spread love or spread hatred.

Energies are contagious~Make sure yours is worth sharing

mysacredenergy.com › your-energy
Your Energy Is Contagious – My Sacred Energy

We have the power to leave a positive impact on the world with every single encounter.


Improve positivity


Observe your thoughts. See where there is room for improvement. Teach yourself to immediately find a positive outlook if you catch yourself being negative.

🌸Focus on your goals

Do more of what you love. Go after your wildest dreams and goals.

🌸Find more ways to improve yourself, physically, emotionally, spiritually/religiously.



Count your blessings. Keep a daily gratitude journal. Truly feel grateful, for you are blessed in so many ways.

🌸In any situation, step back and look for the silver line. There is some good in any situation, always.


🌸Try to see the good in others

🌸Surround yourself with positive people

🌸Make more time for the people you love

🌸Practice positive self-talk

🌸Try new things

🌸Listen to music. Music is proven to be a good mood booster and stress reliever.

🌸Don’t voverthink

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I see negative energy as wasted energy, and sadly I’ve wasted so much energy these last few weeks and it is time for a change, time to become a better and more optimistic person for my well-being and others.

I wrote this blog as a personal reminder and hopefully a reminder to you as well, to stay positive and keep spreading love and everything beautiful.


Thanks for reading🕊❤


My Happy Place