Why you should stop searching for love

You are probably here because you are single and let me guess, searching for love and trying to find The One, but let me tell you something…Needing to have something pushes it further and further away from you… Have you ever desperately searched for an item, throwing your whole place upside down only to find it when you have stopped searching? and in some cases, it was even right beneath your nose that whole time! So stop needing and searching to have a love life and you will find it.


1. Being single is a gift

Yes, you read that correctly, it’s a gift. Don’t dread being single, enjoy it and see it as the process to love yourself, to become the best version of yourself, because when we make ourselves whole, we don’t need somebody else to make us happy, but rather only contribute to the happiness. Be a happy single person and just be. Maybe even see it as dating yourself.

Don’t let the gift rot in a lonely dark cupboard somewhere, instead use it. Use it to learn to be happy on your own. Appreciate it. Do things you love doing. I saw a quote that said; if single is a gift can I exchange it? Why would you want to exchange it? Can you truly be happy with someone else when you cant even be happy on your own?

We attract people into our lives that are more or less the same as us. Have you realized you are almost a different person to each person? That some people bring out different sides. All those different qualities live inside you, and I believe that different people come into our lives to help us realize that those parts exist inside of us and it is what we do about it, do we suppress or enhance it. This goes for good and bad. If someone is constantly mean to you for no reason, maybe internaly there is a battle of emotions going on, figure it out and work through it.What I mean to say here is, become the best version of you. Spiritually. Physically. Emotionally.

2.Energy goes where attention flows

If you focus on the good, you’ll attract and see more good. The same goes for the bad, if you see bad, you will only see and attract worse things. See it as a good thing to be single, as a opportunity to attract the perfect guy into your life that holds all the standards you have set out to get. Enjoy being single all you can and stop trying to find someone. The sooner you let go of your wants the sooner you’ll be rewarded. Rather spend your energy on yourself, turn every single negative into a positive.

3.Act taken even if you are at the point of adopting eight kittens.

Have you ever been in a relationship and then suddenly more guys are after you than there were before you started dating? And when you are single, not that many guys approach you? Well, that is the thing, you are not focused on the other guys and that makes you more of a challenge. That energy you give out when you are committed should be given out as if you are committed to yourself, and once again not searching for someone. You’ll appear more attractive and what is more attractive than a woman who is happy and truly loves herself?

4. You’ll learn to value yourself more

The more time you spend with yourself, the more you will get to know yourself, the more you will love yourself and then finaly the more you will have love to give for others. Love comes from within not feom outside. You can change the world through learning to love yourself first, from the inside out. You are only as strong as your weakest link, isn’t that just so very true? How can you love a person so much but dont like yourself as a person? Sorry to say, but you can only love a person as much as you love yourself, otherwise i believe that person is only your way to escape from reality.

With self-love comes more value and higher standards and that is a good thing. Dont let anyone ever tell you that it is bad to have high standards cause you will never find someone. I am not saying put a high standard on every little detail, I’m saying, know what you want and wait for it without looking too hard for it.

🌸So my message is basically to just love yourself and let love come find you while you are busy becoming the best version of yourself🌸

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