Flash Fiction #4

Dark Forest

I have tried for days on end, without any luck, to get out of here. She wouldn’t help me, not in the slightest way, she told me it is my problem and that she is happy here. I can’t believe that she doesn’t want to escape from this creepy place, it is unbelievable.  The air here is weird. The trees look like monsters, especially in the dark. Shadows move and follow me around. I swear that I saw a huge snake in the water, but still she decides to take a swim. How she does it is unknown and it freaks me out.

I have found amusement in watching him try to escape from this magical place. Why anyone would ever want to leave this breathtaking forest is inexplicable. I wish to continue to walk barefoot on the grass, on the dirt and mud, to swim in the mystical waters, to climb the tall trees, and to breathe in this soothing aroma. I have made friends with the creatures here. The snake is at peace and will bring me no harm, though it’s funny to creep him out. I wish he would only realize that we live in such a magical place. This place was meant for someone like me.

I don’t know how much longer I will be able to survive here. My anxiety levels are on a constant rollercoaster. One second I am totally fine and the next I am petrified. The sooner I find a way out, the better. I can’t stand the paranoia, the feeling of someone or something watching me with every breath I take. Something following me everywhere I go.

She is very mysterious, she truly is. How she finds peace here is a mystery on its own.

I am happy. I wish only he could be happy as well. He is fighting an eternal battle, and for as long as he keeps this up he won’t see the beauty of this place and what a gift it is. I have tried to tell him that, but obviously, he won’t listen, it is something he has to figure out on his own. I can’t help those who are ignorant, those who wish to stay the same and miss the opportunity of growth.

I hate this! I absolutely hate this. I struggle to breathe. The dark forest is starting to drive me insane with each passing day. Illusions of unknown creatures have settled into my mind. Fear has seeped into my core. My paranoia is only getting worse. I miss the comfort of my home. How I got here is still a mystery and how to get out is an even bigger question. I miss knowing the time. I miss having a job, having a schedule, knowing what life will bring. Knowing where I am. I hate the unknown. I fear the lack of control. My worst nightmares have come true.

I love this. I have found true peace and freedom. I am free from the busy world. Free from a busy schedule. I do as I please. I sleep without stress. I sleep up high in a tree or in a small cave behind the waterfall, wherever I feel like it. Ataraxia- peace of mind; and I can finally relate to the full extend. I live every day with love, abundance, and happiness while he lives every day in fear, not seeing anything good, letting his paranoia eat him up bit by bit. He is striving to escape. If this continues, I will be stuck alone here, and I can’t say that I won’t enjoy it. This dark forest is truly something magical and mysterious. I enjoy discovering something new each day, I will never leave this place.

You always have two options in life. To see the world through a positive or a negative lense. To see the glass as half empty or half full. To be happy or unhappy. To ask “why me” or say “try me”. To adapt or resent. To be enlightened or be trapped in belief systems. To be influenced by others or not. To care and not to care. To grow or to stay ignorrant.

Hope you enjoyed reading this. I wish peace, love, happiness, abundance, health, and wealth to be present in every part of your life.

Flash Fiction #3

Free at last

It was you who held me captive. It was you who had me attached to your cruelty, hoping for change, to see more of your sweetness that I so desperately craved for.

I honored my promises because I value them even though you never valued yours. I stood by my words in the church that day, the words that so easily slid off my tongue and into my heart, and even though they just as easily rolled off your tongue they were never meant by you, it was all just for show.

I never listened to any advice, not even from my own mother, because your love was all I knew. I saw your flaws as the thorns on a rose and not for what it truly was, intoxicating poison running deeply in my veins. I couldn’t get rid of you. The thought never even ran through my mind.

I never cheated, even though you confronted me almost daily, going mad, breaking stuff. You did all these cruel things to me even though it was I who should have done these things to you. I never betrayed you in any way, though you probably betrayed me daily.

You stole my freedom… I almost never left the house, I rarely visited family, and my friends had done to me what I was forced to do to them, write them off. I had to quit my job for you. I had to stay away from the parties you were so willingly going without me, you told me so easily you were embarrassed by me. You made me dependant on you in every way possible. You brainwashed me bit by bit.

You stole my love… I was willing to do everything and anything for you. I cared deeply for you and only you. No pets, barely any family, and worst of all no friends, none. No one to talk and interact with except for you.

You stole me… You took bits and bits away of me until there nothing left. You took my true hapiness, hobbies and love for art away from me. You made me hate the things I once loved about me. You made me believe there was no God.

Perhaps these mistakes were all mine and not yours. I allowed you to walk all over me, control, and manipulate me. It was I who lowered my standards, forgot my values, and blindly praised you, followed you in whichever mixture of hell and heaven you wanted to take me.

It was I who was the true fool, for not seeing what you have done to me. Allowing everything without a second thought.

I mourned your tragic death for months on end, but I finally came to realize I should be happy, for now, I am free. You were nothing more than a burden, good riddance.

This chance was granted to me. To start over. To find my own way. To find myself again. To learn how to love. To become a new man.

At last, I am free from your bitter, cold heart. Your ruthless actions. Your betrayal. Your mind games. You are gone and I see now that I couldn’t be more blessed.

At last I am free.

There are so many toxic relationships out there and I have seen people not realizing how toxic it is. I have seen people who know they are in a toxic relationship but get out and then run back as soon as possible. Attachment and dependency is a dangerous thing. The toxic type of love can become a drug.

Toxic relationships come in every form. Where the woman or man is bad to their partner. Where both are bad for each other. The key is realizing how it truly affects you and taking actions to either walk away or fix everything. Though trying to fix years and years of problems is an harder fight especially when the other one is not willing to give up their power and control.

This doesn’t just happen between straight couples, it exists in every single form.

Flash Fiction #2

Eternal Flame

I place my hands on the candle, bow my head with my eyes closed and start to say the well-known prayer to be blessed, to bring its magic and powers into your life.

My prayers get cut short when I hear gasping all around me. The whispers get louder and more violent and I open my eyes, shocked to find that the eternal flame has died. After four hundred and sixty years the magical flame died, and I was the one at the candle.

Looking at my friends, who seems to be more shocked than I am, I see the one gesturing for the others to go and they leave, I try calling them, telling them to wait, only Kesha looks back at me and I see how sorry she is, but still she keeps ons walking through the crowd that is slowly getting more tense.

“You bring bad luck!”, “You should be ashamed of yourself!”, “You Witch! Get out of here!”, “You are responsible for killing the eternal flame!”, all these words echo in my mind as I wash off the tears from my face.

My friends abandoned me, looked at me like I am some kind of traitor. I had to switch off my phone, I am the talk of the town, a few towns, and cities to be honest. The threats have already rolled in from people who weren’t even there. My parents have called a numeral times, but I don’t know how to face anyone right now.

I can’t even begin to fathom how it was possible that I killed the flame that was said will live for an eternity. I didn’t even touch the flame, and many people have tried killing the flame with water, sand, and everything you can think of and it didn’t die. Maybe I should be ashamed.

I wake up from a terrible nightmare, run to the bathroom, and hurl my lungs out.

Crying once again, letting my tears roll down my cheeks and mix with the bathwater. I lift my hands and see that glowing red flames are coming out of both my palms. I immediately drown my hands in the water, but as soon as it gets lifted out of the water, the flames are back.

I pull an allnighter trying to discover the things I can do. So far I can set anything on fire and take that fire away, I can control whether the flame burns something down to ashes or just stays on it without damaging anything. I can kill a fire made my matches. I can generate flames to come from my whole body. The humiliation of yesterday is long forgotten.

Who needs unworthy friends and awful people when a power like this exists inside of me. The eternal flame grows inside of me.

They will all be sorry.

Flash Fiction #1

Cursed with curiosity

She heard a loud fire shot coming from the living room and immediately ran towards it wondering who would be so dumb to blow a bomb cracker in the house. Her wonder and curiosity soon turned into shock and panic. His eyes lock on hers…

Her hearts racing so fast that she feels the strong plunges through her flesh. She is slowly catching her breath, bringing it back to normal. Hugging her knees, shivering. She is cold and wet, yet she tries not to move an inch. She must stay quiet and still if she doesn’t want to be found. It’s dark out, the rain is worse than it was a few seconds ago.

She was certainly lucky to find an empty doghouse thrown out onto the streets. She has no idea where she is, she was just lucky enough to get away after such a traumatic tragedy.

Frightened, cold, wet, and alone in the middle of nowhere. Every little girl’s worst nightmare, it certainly is hers. Looking out from the doghouse, finally feeling safe from the dangerous man, she realizes what happened, the shock only triggering her at full extend now. When the events took place she had no time to react, because he saw her and she had to get away.

She barely escaped, he nearly caught her a dozen of times, chasing her nonstop. He would’ve killed her, she knows he would. She saw it in his eyes after she has witnessed what he has done. She heard it in his voice when he screamed and pleaded for her to stop and listen.

To think that she had to run from her own brother who was trying to kill her, who killed her father, the only parent that they had left.

Sadness fills her heart and mind and she slowly sobs her way to sleep. Her tears flowing down her cheek like the rainwater is flowing down the streets.

From this day forward she’s all alone in this big world, living on the street, no home, no family, no friends, and nine years of age.

If only she had stayed in her room. If only she hadn’t let her curiosity get the best of her. Her curiosity has always led her to trouble, but this exceeds that trouble by far. She’s cursed. Her curiosity is a curse that brings great sorrow.

Flash Fiction is basically one page stories. Words 0-500. I love writing flash fiction. Please tell me what you think.

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