The importance of first impressions

The thing about first impressions is that they, unfortunately, set the foundation of the future with a person.

Why is that? well, you know that quote saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Well I’m a bit of a bookworm, and a books cover is what makes me drawn to them. You get drawn by the front cover and the back cover, is what keeps you there.

So see it as this:

Front cover=The way we look and act physically. Our facial expressions and our postures.

Back cover= The side of the personality that we show them. The part of our story that we choose to share.

In life, our cover, our first impression, is what determines our future. Take for instance a job interview, how you hold your body, and choose which side of you is necessary to share will all have a factor in getting the job.

I believe we all judge a book by its cover, its how we choose who is worth being in our lives and who we shouldn’t waste time on. We all have our preferences and different tastes. It’s impossible to let everyone like you. You can have exactly the same first cover on for two different people and the results will probably differ, but do you know what? It’s fine. That is life and everything happens for a reason.

Did you know you can only be very close to about 150 people in your life?

See, we choose our circles. Our covers are what makes people keep us or throw us away.

There are books with bad covers and amazing content, but if I don’t like the cover I’ll probably not buy the book, as simple as that.

First impressions determine how they think about you and ultimately how they’ll treat you. It determines whether they will be warm and open-hearted or ice queens and kings that give you the cold shoulder.

First impressions are important because it’s not easy to change someone’s view of you. It takes time and effort and they may still not like you.

Yes, first impressions are important if you want someone to get along with you, but you aren’t every person’s cup of tea and that is totally fine.

First impressions go both ways. You make a quick summary of them and who they are, just like they make a quick summary of you and who you are.

Remember, you can choose to give something importance too. I personally don’t give first impressions too much importance though, cause as I said, everything happens for a reason and I don’t have to prove myself to anyone just as nobody has to prove themselves to me. Those who choose to be in my life I welcome with open arms and those who don’t, well it’s their choice and I’m, not the one missing out.

Please note:

I am simply trying to state that we, as human beings have an instinct to judge based on first impressions and that we usually stick to those judgments, it takes getting to know each other better to let those judgments change. Judging is so a negative word, yet it’s the only word I can use to describe how we separate people from each other, from ourselves. Our thoughts about someone, whether it’s good or bad, is judgment, it’s our personal perspective of that person. It’s simply how we operate.

Thanks for supporting me and reading this blog, hope you liked it. Namaste💞

Just one last thought🤗💞