What I have learned from WordPress in a month.

This is just a quick list of the things I learned the hard and easy way, (directly and indirectly).

  • Here are incredible people with amazing blogs.
  • Stay consistent with posting
  • The support system is wow, just wow.
  • Support others -without expecting anything back.
  • Reading the comments of other posts allows you to see different views/perspectives from other people and get to know people better.
  • Always respond positively to negative comments. It’s okay if someone doesn’t agree or like your blog, you cannot satisfy everyone.
  • Don’t write for followers, views, and likes (unless it is your fulltime job of course). Write because you want to write, write for yourself and nobody else. The right people will eventually find your blog and they will stay and support you with every single post.
  • Don’t follow for a follow. If they ask, check out their blog but if it is not your cup of tea, move on or you will be stuck with content you don’t actually like. I also think it is better to just do your thing and let followers find you naturally than it is to ask for someone to follow you.
  • Be unapologetically you in everything you do. If you want to add something, do it, it is your blog after all.
  • Build others up and never tear them down.
  • Don’t take offense to comments that differ from your blog, that is the best way to see other perspectives. Have an open mind and interact with them, this is also one of the quickest ways to make friends.
  • Have an open mind when reading other people’s posts as well.
  • Interact with/ Reply to, people when they comment. Even if it’s something simple, at least acknowledge their comments.
  • When commenting on something, mean it.
  • I’m sorry, but I hate it when someone likes every single blog post of mine without even reading/viewing it. I never like something I haven’t read or haven’t read a bit from.
  • (A like without a read feels like I don’t deserve the like.)
  • The effort put into a blog is seen from a mile away, so put that little bit of extra time in.
  • Don’t take everything so personally.
  • Make friends not enemies.
  • Understand that what people write and how people write is their way of expressing themselves, it is their perspectives and beliefs. Again, be open-minded.
  • Don’t live in a box, step outside your comfort zone. If there is something new you want to do, try it out.
  • Gratefulness and appreciation will get you a long way internally and externally. Truly be grateful for every single like, follow, and comment.
  • Don’t overdo yourself. Take a break if needed. Also, watch out to not extend your break for too long.
  • Blogging isn’t that hard and complicated.

Chatting techniques.

  • Find each other on Instagram and chat there, it is quick and easy.
  • Create a private post and share the password with the person you wish to chat with over email and then chat in the comment section.
  • Chat using your email, though this takes a lot of time especially when your notifications are off like mine because of too many subscriptions.
  • Continue chatting in whichever comments in a post you started, though this is the most ineffective way.

I’ve made it a month🥂 but I have one more thing left to celebrate…

I have reached 200 followers! And I owe it all to you💞 Thank you for your undivided love and support. Every comment, like, and follow is truly deeply appreciated. Thank you for making this possible.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart💕