How To Overcome Self-Doubt

Self-doubt is a thieve, it always has been and it always will be if we keep allowing it to be.

We all experience self-doubt at one point and some of us choose to thrive beyond it and others choose to get overwhelmed by it.

The problem with self-doubt is that we give into it for long, and it clouds our judgment and holds us back. We allow it more power over us than we ever should.

Recently I’ve been doubting myself and felt discouraged because of it. My usual self-esteem was nowhere to be seen. I am not one to doubt myself easily, but it crept up on me and I struggled to shake the feeling.

What made me doubt myself? Going through Pinterest and trying to find ways to better this blog I came across multiple bloggers who claim to make 6-7 figures from blogging a year or make $1 000’s a month, and I started to compare myself and my earnings to these standards and started to feel like such a huge failure.

We should learn to redirect our self-doubt, trust in the process, trust in ourselves, keep pushing forward, and not compare ourselves to others. We should learn to build our self-esteem.

I know that so many people doubt themselves, and I hope that this post will help change that. I hope this post can motivate you, inspire you, and build confidence in yourself.


What is Self-Doubt

Self-doubt put simply is a lack of confidence, trust, and certainty in your abilities.

The Vibration of Self-Doubt

As you can see, feeling doubt is one of the lower vibrations.

Energy flows where attention goes. The more you focus on doubt the more the things you don’t want will find a way to manifest into your life.

And the more you focus on the doubt you feel, the more you will reaffirm to yourself that you are unworthy or incapable or not good enough.


The Healthy Side of Self-Doubt

There is always a good side to negative emotions/circumstances. Experiencing doubt is normal and even needed sometimes.

What’s your level of self-doubt?

🌸Comparing ourselves to others🌸

It is so easy to compare ourselves and our progress to other people and their progress. We compare ourselves to them in such a negative way that we begin to get discouraged and want to give up on whatever we’re doing.

Social media gives us easy access to amazing people to whom we compare ourselves without a second thought. We look at all they have achieved and try to compete with hundreds and even thousands of people. This is a fast track to doubting yourself.

Thank you CattleCapers for your contribution.

3 Levels of self-comparison

🌸Having expectations for a certain outcome🌸

We put so much pressure on ourselves to get to a certain outcome. We become disappointed and discouraged when we don’t achieve a certain level of success in a certain amount of time.

🌸Imposter Syndrome🌸

Imposter syndrome is that small voice that tells you that you are a fraud, that questions your credibility for doing things, and makes you feel undeserving of your achieved successes. 

🌸Questioning our abilities/thoughts/beliefs🌸

Usually, when we experience a change in mindset we start to question the path we’re on and our actions and influences on it.

This may not always be a bad thing, but it can lead to self-doubt.

🌸Important people who are negative🌸

We sometimes value the opinions of people close to us over our own, or we start to question whether our own thoughts are valuable.

🌸Encountering setbacks/obstacles🌸

When things don’t turn out the way we had hoped we tend to become negative and let doubt seep into our core.

Feeling stuck is also another gateway to self-doubt.

Self-doubt is a Thieve

Self-doubt steals from us because we allow it to. It keeps us from moving forward and can even cause us to go backward. It steals our confidence, our trust in our abilities, our trust in God/The Universe, and our trust in the path we have chosen for ourselves.

So many people of greatness, people who have achieved and created amazing things have experienced doubt and imposter syndrome before, but they didn’t allow it to stop them, and you shouldn’t either.

Let’s say that you continue to doubt yourself and throw all your goals and already achieved accomplishments in the dustbin. Where would you be in a week from now? still doubting whether you are worthy… In a month from now? wanting to go back, try again, but still doubting yourself… In a year from now? most likely full of regret. Ten years from now? maybe you’ll wonder why you were so caught up in your thoughts and didn’t just hold on a little longer and push through to see where it might’ve led you.

Doubting ourselves is to put ourselves on a path of regret and what-ifs, rather than lessons learned and successes gained.


How to Eliminate Self-Doubt

I overcame my self-doubt by reminding myself to simply take the next step and not look at the whole staircase and trusting that I am getting to my destination at my own time and speed and that I have nothing to rush, nothing to worry about, and no one to compare myself with.

🌸Whatever you are in doubt of, continue doing it anyways🌸

Push through. Keep on taking the necessary actions, even when you are in doubt. Don’t allow doubt to hold you back.

“If you hear a voice within you say you cannot paint, then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.”

– Vincent Van Gogh

🌸Strenghten your self-esteem and confidence🌸

Self-doubt is most likely caused by your lack of self-esteem and confidence, therefore it is your job to build it back up again.

  • Use positive self-talk. Be kind and encouraging to yourself. Talk to yourself with love and compassion.
  • Affirmations and Incantations.
  • Focus on your strengths.
  • Build up your knowledge and experience related to what you want to achieve.
  • Do more of what you love.
  • Try something new, step outside of your comfort zone.

Confidence is a skill

🌸Reevaluate your self-worth🌸

Your sense of self-worthiness shouldn’t increase or decrease by external factors like achievements or the opinions of others.

You are worthy simply because. And if you don’t believe that, it is time for a change in your mindset and beliefs.

Understand your worth

This also means to not compare yourself to others.

🌸Gain new insights🌸

Look for things and action steps that you can improve upon to have a better experience and outcome.

Find new insights, do some research, and you may find yourself discovering vital pivot points that will give you the necessary push in the right direction.

You can even ask someone you trust for help or honest insights.


Some journal questions for you:

  • What made you start in the first place?
  • Why did you keep doing it for so long?
  • What have you achieved so far?
  • Are you proud of how far you’ve come?
  • Do you still enjoy doing it?
  • What makes you doubt yourself?… why is this?
  • Would it be worth it to stop now and let doubt have the upper hand?
  • What would happen if you fail?
  • How do you define success

🌸Meditation and breathwork🌸

Meditation helps us look within and reevaluate our mindset and thoughts in a nonjudgemental way.

Breathwork is also great for clearing the mind and taking a step back.

🌸Trust the Process🌸

You’ve already come so far, why stop now? Put a little trust in yourself, believe that you are exactly where you are meant to be and that great things are yet to come.

Learn to trust and keep a positive and open mindset. Learn to trust your abilities and your own path and realize that everything happens as it should. We try too much to control everything, instead, we should let go a little, live a little and put a whole lot of faith and trust in the Universe/God.

🌸Turn to Gratitude🌸

There is always something to be grateful for. Always. Sometimes it is just a little harder to find those things or to be truly grateful. Turning to gratitude is the fastest way to reform your life and help you take the right steps forward with the right mindset.

The power of Gratitude

🌸Take a small break and have a good nights rest and start with a fresh and clear mind🌸

Go to bed and remind yourself that the following day is a new day and a new opportunity to do better. Start your morning with the determination to keep pushing forward.

How you start your morning determines how your day goes

Breaks are necessary for survival


Inspiring Quotes on Self Doubt


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  2. You didn’t emphasize it, but the comment that our society values the “extraordinary” could certainly be cause for self doubt. With the internet & social media, the competition is now world wide. It’s easier to feel inadequate when the competitive/comparison pool is hundreds of millions, rather than the local pool of hundreds or thousands.

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  3. You are very right, the internet and social media make it all too easy to compare ourselves and dive into unnecessary competition.
    I’ll add it in now, thank you for adding your thoughts.

    Much love and abundance

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  4. Thanks Dear Karlien For
    Such An Informative
    And Inspiring Piece
    On Self-Doubt It
    Brought so Many
    Thoughts Out in
    Flow i Practically
    Flooded Your
    Blog Hehe
    With SMiles❤️🤗🙌🌈

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  5. HAha i Come Here
    For Your Kindness


    The SIZE
    MinD, HeART
    SPiRiT SoUL

    Keep GRoWinG

    BRAIN 🧠 Dear Karlien
    i Will Surely Drop By
    To Water it With

    my FiRE Hose
    Size Flow of Words


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  6. SMiles Dear Karlien
    You Can Count on
    The Fact i Am Always

    The Last Loyal
    Wookiee FRiEnD

    Left Standing🤗🙏
    With SMiLes🙌☺️❤️

    Just Another
    On Your
    Space Ride 💫

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  7. Karlien, your article is in-depth and well written. You did a lot of research on the topic of self-doubt. Focusing on where we came from will help eliminate all doubt. Just don’t believe things you read on social media. Take care. Scott

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  8. Thank you, Scott it means a lot to me.
    Thank you for this reminder, did you have any specific statement when you said it? Would love to get your view on it.

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  9. As far as not believing everything you read on social media, I wouldn’t trust how much money someone claims to make without proof. People do make money but for most of them it took time and work. Today I see people selling a program and promising quick money without much effort. There are a lot of scammers out there. The internet makes it too easy to create a fake lifestyle.

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