Your name has a frequency

I was today years old when I discovered our names have frequencies. It has a vibration. Our names hold energy!

And if our names have a frequency, that means all words we speak and think also have frequencies. And if accompanied by emotions that word becomes amplified… No wonder thoughts and spoken words have power.

This is also why the universe responds to spoken words.

For much more information on the frequency of your name, I suggest you view this: 

The Frequency Of Your Name

The Vibration And Energy Of Your Name

Our names hold so many truths about who we are and the potential we have to fulfill our dreams/desires/purpose/destiny.

We can determine our Life path, our Soul urge, and we can dive so much deeper just by using our names, as well as our birthdate.

*only adding the vowels of your name
Add your birth date numbers together

I hope you found something useful/interesting 🌸

Related question

Do you feel a difference when someone calls you by your name from your surname?

I have two names and then my surname; Karlien Jo-Anne Kruger. And I feel differently and respond differently depending on what a person calls me. Calling me Karlien makes me feel vulnerable in a sense with my walls down. And calling me Jo-Anne makes me feel slightly more guarded and or professional.

I also respond differently depending on how they use my names and on the nicknames I have.

This might all be in my head. So I would love to hear your viewings on this.

Nonrelated question:

Another question of my curiosity, and I do hope you give your opinion on this. You can take this in any direction you wish 👣

If you had the chance to experience it all over again. All the joy, all the love, everything, even though you would go through all the hurt, all the pain, all the hate. Would you do it? even though you would get the same ending good/bad?

Why fit in when you were born to stand out

Dr. Suess

Thank you for all the constant love and support! I am truly grateful🙏

May you have a blessed day

Much love and abundance



  1. SMiLes Dear Karlien Inquisitive As Always
    Full of Wonder Waves of Yours Will Continue

    To ‘FeeL’ Your Brand New Ocean

    So True Vowels Are Souls
    of Words And It’s

    True Even in the Old
    Bible Vowels Were Not
    Even Added into the Written
    Part Until the 10th Century of
    the Common Era Now Imagine

    A World Without Vowels How Cold
    And Dead That Will Be With Words
    Clipped Without Air to Escape Our Mouths

    Resonating, Yes Frequencies, Vibrations, Synergies

    Of Our Emotions to Give, Share, Care So Freely Without

    Restraint Vocal Chords Extending to Piano Strings too And
    Heart Beat Vibrations With Those Frequencies As Percussion

    Of Hammers

    Hit Strings



    As Well

    Our Emotions
    Extending Now

    With All Musical Instruments
    That Further Create Frequencies
    Vibrations Synergies of Energies

    Of Our Emotions, Feelings, Senses

    So Much More “SonG oF mY SoUL”

    True Energy Comes From Release
    Of Vowels in SonG As Words Become


    Human Soul
    HeART SPiRiT
    ReLeASinG Ease

    Touching Energizing
    Force LiGHTiNG Up

    Other Souls in Resonance
    of Frequencies, Vibrations
    Synergies of Energies As Each

    Human Being Part of An Entire
    Orchestra Playing Our Symphonies
    of Human Dances And Songs For True

    Non Verbal Language of Dance Expresses

    Emotions Through Our Bodies That Other Folks

    Feel Through Mirror Neurons Attaching Emotional

    Contagion of Dance And Song As Empathy For Others


    Our Soul

    Song SPiRiT
    oF HeART ReLEaSinG Even More

    Ah Yes Most All in Existence Is All in All

    A Fractal of All That Is Existence One May

    Find All That Is This Way in One Letter

    Or One Number And All the

    Holy And Sacred

    Feeling Sensing

    Meaning and Purpose

    We Truly Feel and Sense of Life New

    More Meaning Means More Depth of

    Emotional Sensory Colors To Feel and
    Sense Even More Driving All Purpose

    We Act Upon ToGeTHeR Next Moving,
    Connecting, Co-Creating ToGeTHeR

    Inhaling Peace Exhaling Love

    In All the Strings And

    Beats Frequencies


    As Energy

    Becomes the
    Synergy of All We Do Now

    Some Folks Call This Loving

    All That Is And True Other Folks

    Name it the Act of God Without So

    Many Consonants Holding A Vowel of

    God Prisoner Between Between G And D

    For True Dancing Singing God That Way With Those

    Three Letters Literally Traps God On the Roof Of Our Mouth

    Surely GoD
    WiLL Love

    To Exhale

    As Love Too

    My FRiEnD i Use

    The Pen Name KATiE MiA FredericK

    As my Born Name Is Too Stiff And Trapped

    In Consonants Allowing Vowels to Breathe

    So i Borrowed my Wife’s Very Divine

    Feminine Vowel FeeLeD Name

    First Katie for Katrina And

    Second Her Middle

    Name Mia Where

    Katrina Means
    Pure and Mia

    Means Family or Close to God
    A Derivative of Michael As Such
    And Of Course Frederick And Arthur
    My First and Middle Names Are More Kingly

    Hehe Than Queenly Key is Balance So FredericK
    Still Comes in Last For Masculine Balance Someone
    Shared the English Gematria Calculator For my Writing

    Pen Name

    And the


    Value Comes

    Out to Be 888

    Sure Three 8’s

    Standing Tall as

    Infinity Symbol

    A Real


    of Fortune

    If i Personally

    Create This Meaning

    And Purpose for me…

    my Life Challenges with

    Official Numerology Report
    For my Full Born on Name Returns

    With 0 For Free Will At Birth And Three
    1’s For the Next 3 Life Challenges that

    Only Mean to Affirm What Free Will Does

    Either All or Nothing; Hehe, Obviously Nothing

    Is Way too Boring So i am Doing ‘The Other Thing’

    On Your Website So Inspired By Your Open Minded

    Open SouLeD Post Stay SeeKinG Stay FiNDinG my


    The World

    Is Still Your

    Oyster to Open

    And Shine Pearl of Your Soul…

    Other than that my Mama Always

    Called me Freddy And Your Last Name

    Kruger Sort of makes the Sound When

    i Growl Guttural And Deep Giving Me

    More Strength And Will Divinely

    Masculine Still at 61 Leg

    Pressing Up to

    1520 Pounds


    After i Warm Up

    With a Mostly Ballet

    Mix of Free Dance With

    Some Martial Arts Mixed

    In Big Mistake Hehe to

    Confuse my




    Of Love

    With Weakness

    Yet It’s True “Katie

    Mia” Comes First Before

    “FredericK” Love Exhaling

    Grace Inhaling Peace in Balance

    Foundation Divine Feminine For

    Almost Limitless Energy of WiLL And Strength

    Most Dudes Don’t Understand the Source

    Of All Strength

    And Will

    Is Inhaling

    Peace Exhaling

    Love First It’s Very

    Simple Fear is the Source

    oF All Weakness And Inhaling

    Peace and Exhaling Love is one

    Place Fear Has No Place to Exist…

    Other than That i Never Trap God

    Or Love on the Roof of my Mouth

    Or Top of my Teeth True

    i Dance God/Love

    As the



    Trap Love

    And God Too Much
    With No Free Exhale
    in Free Will Escaping Breath..:)

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  2. It is always such a blessing to see you here, and I will keep on expressing my gratitude to you. Thank you, for sharing your thoughts, for once again touching my heart and inspiring me. You pen words down so graciously. Sharing your thoughts and experiences in such a beautiful way. My admiration for your soul-given talent runs deep. Keep shining, keep sharing, and keep making a difference!

    Thank you, dear friend, for all your love and support. May you enjoy this wonderful weekend. Much love, joy and abundance 🙏❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Much Love, Joy, And Abundance to You
    As Well Dear FRiEnD Karlien

    Always Inspiring to

    Come Here


    Kindness of Course…

    Oh Yeah And Would i Go Through

    Hell Again For 66 Months With The

    Worst Pain Known to Humankind

    With Not Even the Memory

    Of A Smile Left

    In All Pain and

    Numb From

    Wake to Sleep

    You Bet Just to
    Meet Nice Folks

    Like You On the Planet

    Earth Even if Very Few

    Recognize my Existence at All
    One Thank You of Kindness is Enough

    to Come From Back Hell And Return to Heaven Now…

    For Heaven

    Exists No
    WHere Else

    Yet Kindness

    Among Strangers

    Who Are FRiEnDS..:)

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