One year on WordPress

First-year Blogaversary πŸ‘£πŸ™Œ I made it!

I wasn’t sure what to do for this post, so it will be a bit random, I am just happy to have you here celebrating with me.

I am not going to lie when I say that I didn’t think I would ever make it thus far, especially for someone who has so many different interests and moves on to the next project without looking back. This is a huge milestone for me and there are still many more to come.

I am not sure how good this progress is compared to other blogs, but for my first year, I feel like I didn’t do too bad.

I just want to say thank you to those supporters out there who have read my posts and also those who have commented on them. It meant the world to me, and it still does. I wouldn’t have continued blogging without the impact your support and words made. I am truly grateful. ❀

My all-time favorite posts:

What it means to truly love yourself

Flash Fiction #4

Start before you are ready

Make yourself proud

Why you should stop caring what people think

My 5 most viewed posts:

Happy World Teachers Day

What I find inspiring in each zodiac sign

Why you should stop searching for love

Why you should stop caring what people think

Understand your worth

My favorite poems:

I blame myself

Dreams of you

Let me in

My favorite things about blogging:

🌸The WordPress community and all these amazing people sharing their stories/creativity/ideas/philosophies etc. supporting each other and contributing value to the world through blogging.

🌸The ability to share anything Id like to share and have people who can relate, give their opinion, or even guide me in a better direction.

🌸The writing and sharing part and the whole process of creating a post.

🌸Blogging for me is also in a way a path of self-discovery and self-development.


I want to thank you, again, for all the love and support. It is deeply appreciated ❀

Much love and abundance. Have a blessed day.


  1. Happy Blogaversary Dear Karlien
    First Year Complete And It’s Still
    Hard to Believe You Are Still 17

    So Young In School
    With This Great

    Tool of Blogging

    For Introspection
    In Becoming FRiEnDS

    With Yourself in Riches

    of Greater Understanding

    Such A Kind Soul You Are

    Truly Evolving This Way my FRiEnD

    Always A Treasure to Drop By to Continue
    To See How Your Wise Young Soul Evolves..:)

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  2. It always makes my day hearing from you, besides you always have the most positive and beautiful things to say 🌸

    Thank you for celebrating with meπŸŽ‰

    Always an honor to have you here πŸ™β€

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  3. SMiles Dear FRiEnD
    Honor is All
    Mine to
    A First Blog
    Anniversary With
    Karlien With Wings


    In A Day
    With Such
    Totally Different
    Thorns How Blessed
    To Be Welcomed How

    Nice to
    A Truly
    Sincere Kind HumanπŸ™β€οΈ


  4. HAPPY, THAT YOU HAVE COMPLETED ONE YEAR ON WORDPRESS, though many people could not go tbro blogs or write blogs due to this blasted COVID -19,WHICH IS CAUSING HEAD-ACHE, THROUGH OUT THE WORLD.

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  5. You have always matched your actions with words and I would want you to be persistent because we miss your writings and life just don’t revolve 100% around writing but other things and values that call us from writing many times!

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  6. Very happy to hear that 🌸 Thank you Scott for watching the video and supporting me, I sure hope it does.

    Again, thank you πŸ™β€

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  7. I was wondering when I would hear from you πŸ˜€ Thank you, dear Cheryl, it is always appreciated ❀

    Much love and abundance. Take good care πŸ™β€

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  8. You have changed beyond recognition, Karlien09, you read many comments about my post but not the post, or left your own comment. Sending me all the comments gave me work to delete so many, which I don’t need.
    Unless you read my posts because you find them interesting, please leave me out.
    Thank you.


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  9. That is fine, thank you. What surprised me was that you didn’t see I knew all the comments and would appreciate YOUR
    comment instead? If you are willing, we could start again, but please remember that writing is my profession that is why my posts are well written.


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  10. I was about to write my comment and then something came up and I didn’t return, but again, I’ll do better next time and I would love to start over, I’ve missed reading your posts.
    I hope to one day to make writing my profession too.

    To a new and better start ❀


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