Why I don’t regret anything, ever

Well, this is an interesting topic, coming from a 17-year old that hasn’t even started living life completely on her own terms, but hear me out anyhow, I’ll keep it short and sweet.

I don’t regret anything, not past mistakes, past relationships, past actions, or even encounters.

Believe me, my face still gets red with embarrassment when I think about some past events, but I still don’t regret it, I wouldn’t want to change a thing.

And then there are times that I do regret my actions or words, but only for a short while. I quickly wash them off with these beliefs…

Three beliefs I have that keeps me from feeling regret:

🌸 The belief that everything happens for a reason.

Anything we experience has a reason behind it, even though we might not always see the reason right away. Only years later you discover that it made you stronger somehow, or that it changed your thinking for the better.

Life is designed to push us forward, and sometimes uses setbacks to launch us forward with greater might and speed.

🌸 The belief that I can’t change my past.

(however, I have the power to change my present and future)

It already happened, and it happened the way it did, and unless I build a time machine to travel back in time, there is no use fretting over what could have been or shouldn’t have been said or done.

🌸 The belief that I was acting/speaking accordingly to my emotions and thoughts at that time.

It’s only after doing, thinking, or saying certain things that we realize that we shouldn’t have said what we’ve said, think those thoughts, or act on our emotions in the way we did. Guess what, it’s too late now… yet we have the choice to be better.

If I had to go back in time and relive my life, I would do everything exactly the same, it made me into the woman I am becoming and into the young lady that I am.

Why regret something you have no power of changing?

I hope you enjoyed today’s post.

Much love and abundance. I hope you have a blessed day.


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  1. Oh my Gosh First of All Karlien i am Amazed
    You Are Only 17 Although Lately i Have Been
    Hearing Emotional Maturity More From Your

    Generation than ones Much Older Indeed

    Hehe When i Was Your Age Sure i made

    Straight A’s At the Top of the Class Yet

    i Had as Much Emotional intelligence

    As Someone Who Might Attempt

    To Tell Someone Older with

    Heart Disease And

    Failing Health

    Relatively Young

    In Life That Life is Fair

    Simply Because i had overcome
    Great Difficulties in Life Yet Not Even
    A Whisper of Pain and Numb Yet to Come…

    On the Autism Spectrum Trying so Hard to Conform
    In Naturally Expressing Emotions Regulating them then
    Integrating Senses So Hard to Do i Am Surely Proudly

    A Fool Now Too Yet i Did Not Learn This Great Lesson

    That You See At Such An Early Age That We Should Not

    Regret The Mis-steps in Life All the Darkness That At Best

    Will Open Wide New Opportunities in Life That Otherwise
    Without the Challenges Life Will Fail to Bring And It’s True

    The So-Called Fools In Life Hehe as that was Often A Name
    i Was Called in School All the Way Through Work Named too

    Soft And Nice

    to People


    For the Military

    too the First thing i did
    Leaving the Work World
    Was Embrace All the Fears
    Before That Made me Feel Like

    A Fool And Express them All For
    What Life Taught me is in the Dark
    Place Ya Gotta Have Enough Faith

    In Yourself to Lift Yourself All the Way Up
    As It’s True No one else in the Entire World
    Is Qualified to Understand Your Challenges Like You Are…

    Fear is a Source of All Weakness In Life and Limits of Human

    PotentialsThose Who Do Not Regret The Falls that Helped Strengthen

    Their Lifts in Life Climb Higher in Life Than Ever Before It’s How Life works

    We Adapt

    to Challenge

    We Survive and

    We Thrive the best
    We can And will and if We
    Are really Fortunate in Life there
    Are People Who Help Lift us up too…

    SMiLes keep Striving Through the Rain Dance it
    indeed or Sing or Whatever Way You Sprout Green Karlien..:)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lieflik, ek stem saam met jou. Net 17? genugtig, jy spreek wyse woorde, goed wat vir ons almal belangrik is. En ja, my emosies laat my soms skryf wat ek liewer nie moes nie. Ek sien uit na die boek, dit titel trek my.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Dankie Tannie, ek waardeer dit baie.
    😂 Ja Tannie, was nog altyd mentaliteit gewys ouer as wat ek moet wees, maar soms wonder ek.
    Aai Tannie, ek kan nie nog meer saam stem met hierdie stelling nie, soms laat dit my só in die verlee.
    Ek hoop die boek is die titel werd, nog baie werk wat voorlê, maar ek sien uit vir die uitdaging.

    Altyd aangenaam om van Tannie te hoor, ek waardeer die ondersteuning opreg ❤❤

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  4. It’s taken me to 51 years to TRULY learn to let go of many regrets. In the hurriedness of life, a career, kids, failed relationships, failed health, and the list goes on, it’s in the moments of adversity that I grew into the soul I was meant to live through. Through embracing self-love, setting appropriate boundaries, and accepting forgiveness, I found true freedom. It’s liberating! Keep up the marvelous writing and reflections. Your tribe is rooting you on! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  5. It’s comments like these that make my heart melt, the shared experience. It looks like you had quite the journey and lessons along with it. You inspire me! Thank you K.L. for sharing a part of yourself, and for supporting me.

    Much love, take good care. Keep on loving yourself, you deserve all the best!


  6. Aww, I’m hugging you through this screen? Can you feel it? Should we go get coffee too? I’d love it! And it makes my heart melt that it melts yours. I support you! And you deserve all the best too beautiful lady! 🤍💚❤ Love, Karla

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  7. Dankie Tannie, van n Afrikaanse onderwyser is dit die beste ding om te kan hoor. Ons is n klein groepie in die klas, en ek moet sê dat ek n spesiale plekkie het vir my Afrikaanse onderwyser, sy lê soveel klem op my opstel werk, sy het my talent passie gegee.

    En geen wonder Tannie se skryfwerk is so kunstig en goed nie!

    Ek voel taal onderwysers ken die leerders die beste. Die laaste ruk voel ek n roepping, as ek dit nou so moet stel, om n afrikaanse onderwyser te word. Ag maar daar is nog n ruk om te besluit, want sover het ek als in plek om n rekenmeester te word.

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  8. Hmmm, jy het goeie toekomsplanne. Kinders kan baie stout wees en skool hou baie sleg maak. Maar as jy wil skool hou, gaan ‘n kantoorpos nie vir jou werk nie. Ek het nooit self geskryf nie – maar dit wel geniet om my leerders aan te moedig om goeie opstelle te skryf. En natuurlik het ek redenaars geniet.

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  9. Dankie vir die waarskuwing 😉 oeff nee, as ek moet kyk na hoe die onderwysers soms sukkel met die kinders wil ek in n diep gat inkruip.🙈 Dankie vir die advies.
    Altyd lekker om meer vanaf Tannie te leer ❤

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