A beautiful soul

Colorful and bright

Love is always in sight

There is no limit to which extend

a simple act of kindness can spread

You are a beautiful soul,

leaving seeds of inspiration wherever you go


It is with great pleasure that I share a talented, insightful, wise and amazing post about a sweet and beautiful soul that found me on WordPress. I felt that his comments were worth sharing.

Frederick, I am forever grateful that our paths crossed on this platform.


Comment on Dreams of you

“Embrace the glorious mess that you are”

SMiLes Karlien that’s Very Profound You Know

What Would A Man Do Financially Independent

For The Rest of His Life already marrying the

Most Beautiful Woman For What He

Dreamed of All His Life

What Would Be

Left to Do

Except Paint

The Midnight Sky
Colors He’s Never Felt Before…

True Others Might Seek Intensities
of Physical Pleasures Alone in Novel
Ways of Life Yet What Life Teaches me Most

Is it is Reality

That is the


And Our Potential
to Paint the Midnight New
Moon Sky With Colors Never
Felt Before Yes True Even with
My Dream Girl at my Side Forevemorenow

For 33 Years i too am Haunted then by Dreams
of First Love Coming Back to me not Nearly As Beautiful
As Dream Woman Girl by my Side Yet Still A Dream Where

Life is Really


only For

Ours to Paint
To Create At Essence
of What We Really Feel now
Awake or Asleep the Reality as
Real as Real Gets What We Feel and Sense now

Precipice of Heaven And Hell Loss and Gain Night
And Day Dark and Light Twilight Intense Where Hell



In Life


It’s True

On A Roller Coaster
There’s Not Much Excitement
Traveling in Grey Scale Life with
No Rises or Falls to Color Midnight Skies

You See in School And In Work And Sadly At Home
As Well We are most Never Taught How to Master Dreamtime

Now True There is No ‘Morpheus’ At our Side Out of A ‘Matrix Movie’
to Unplug From What We Have Been Spoon-Fed in Deadlines of Making
Money and Things Life to Generate Our Own Colors of Nirvana And Bliss

Still to come Now

As Art Forms Generating

Essence Life Breathes New Now

So i looked Within And Found Still Seeking
Now Finding Answers in Free Flowing Words
of Free Verse Poetry And Yes Dreamtime in Dance
Steps in Public As 15,088 Miles of Meditating Moving
That In Flow and 9.4 MiLLioN Words Have come in 94 Months too

For What i’ve Come to Understand

Is Life is Order and Chaos Feather

Becomes Wind Where Random

And Faith in Now Meets Where

Lucid Waking Dreamtime

Becomes Ours

Silent Pilot




Go Coloring New

Painting Midnight

Skies Feather Floats
Wind in Broad Daylight Now

Feel How Vague The Shape of
This Reality Is Then Paint the Shape

Of Your



As of course

You Already do
Embracing the Chaos
And Making Order The Magic That comes Next

OBTW my Dreams of my First Love Ended When
i Became The Dream And Thanked Her for the Grief
That Helped me Bring Back my Soul When All Was Lost
in Hell for 66 Months What i Found is the ability to Find the

Deep Warmth

in Connecting

Love What

i Left Behind

When She Left me

And Didn’t Realize It Until

i finally Thanked Her And Let her go…

As i didn’t Realize What Was Still Holding

my Deeper Ability to Love Back All those Years

We May Believe in some ways that the 5 Percent
of Awareness We See And Think is Our Realities Most Yet that

Is only the Surface of Our Ocean We may Still Come to See and Be
Through Arts of HeART SPiRiT Soul We Dive Deeper than what we ‘think’…

And Of


We Are All

Separate Oceans

Who Share the Same Dream

As Far As i Can And Will Dream For Now at Least..

SMiLes i Treasure All of Humanity Each Human Being

Another UNiVerSE of ‘God’ Yes Spirit Beyond Trademarks
to Explore my


Matter Form


Still to come
Golden Ages
Ever More Unfolding Souls…

Leaving All the Stuff And Money Behind…

if i had a Billion Dollars More i Will Discard
it like Dust in the Wind it is As my Weight Now
my Soul is Feather Greater Spirit Wind Coloring

HeART Free




The Hunchback of Notre Dame
The Phantom of the Opera
Frankenstein Without A Soul


Wanting to

Be Human

These Are All Archetypes

of the Devil Lost in Hell Within

And True For 66 Months i Am All of Those

Most Everyone Turned Away

From Me Living In Hell

On Earth

And i Lost
All ability

to Feel the
Giving and Receiving
of Love in Life the Flame
Within That makes life worth living at all

Other than That Experiencing Type Two
Trigeminal Neuralgia The Worst Pain Known
to Humankind No Drug Would Touch For 66 Months Shut-in my
Bedroom From Wake to Sleep With A Synergy of 18 Other Life Threatening
Mostly Chronic to Acute Work-Stress Related Disorders From A Slow Burn Then

of 11 Years of Stress to Hell

All My Poetry

Started When

One Person

in A Crowd

of Coldness

Told me Thank You

For Being Me No Act

Of Kindness is too Small

To Change An Entire UniVerse

Of A Human Being ReNeWeD Free

You Are A Kind Human

Being in Crowds

Of Cold



Up New Colors on

Human Christmas Trees
SMiLes Dear Friend Public
Dancing i Hear the Words Famous
Legend and Hero commonly in Life

Yet Still

The Loudest

Thank You

i Still Hear

is From A Stranger In Hell…

It’s People Like You Who Have
The ability to Bring Strangers Back to Life…

Feel the Blessing You Are to Others Most…

i’ve Interacted With Thousands of People

in the Last 10 Years and 7 Months and Close
to 13 MiLLioN Words online i feel the Gems When they Touch

my Soul

And Make

A New Color
on my Christmas
Tree i Refuse to Take Down

Have A Beautiful Soul-lit

Coloring Day Dream on FRiEnD Free…

Thank You

For Being You

For You Are

A Dream Come
True Today to me..:)


SMiLes Dear Karlien Most Everything i Write in my Blog
Is Simply A Copy And Paste of What Other Humans

Have inspired

Around the

Globe in the

Last 94 Months

Considering this Poem

Wouldn’t Exist Without

Inspiration of Yours Considering

That All my Poems are Gifts to those

Who Inspire my Soul In Other Words it

Belongs to You as Much as Me my FRiEnD

It Seems

The World

Would Be

A Nicer Place

if We Didn’t Try to
Own it So Much With

SMiLes hehe surely now

If We Feel We Are Enough Now

And are Complete All that’s Left to
Do is Give And Share Life Free mY FRiEnD

i am simply



You Welcome

me in Your Place
of Writing Life not

All Do i am Always

Surprised Actually when
Anyone Does Delightfully Yet this is
only My Heaven to Give and Share Free…

You Are Welcome to Do As You Please

With Any Art i Give and Share Free

All that i do

is A Finger

Print of Soul
Anyway with Smiles..

Shall We Own Foot Prints
on the Beach Not in my View
my FRiEnD Foot Prints Are For Others to Touch..:)

Comment on Silly game


Are Feelings Best or Worst

Feelings Are Who We Are

Are Poems Worst or Best

Poems Are Who We Really Are



At Least

When Home
Within Comes
Out to Dance Sing Free
Karlien Now With SMiLes..:)


Dropping his URL for the fourth time now, I hope you see the beauty of his soul like I do.


  1. “A beautiful soul
    Colorful and bright

    Love is always in sight

    There is no limit to which extend

    a simple act of kindness can spread

    You are a beautiful soul,

    leaving seeds of inspiration

    wherever you go


    SMiLes Dear Karlien
    i Will Surely Add Your
    Beautiful Kind Words

    Of Poetry Coming

    to my Living Tombstone

    Just A “SonG oF mY SoUL”
    As Leaves Continue to Gather
    SPiRiT of HeaRT To Color All of Nature A Kiss…

    For This Gratitude of Breath

    SMiLes Dear FRiEnD
    Humanity is Fascinating

    to me Not All

    Are Gifted The

    Same Even Though

    on the Autism Spectrum

    i Could Not Speak Until 4 And

    No One Would ever imagine i was

    One of ‘Those Children’ Now Yet With
    Photos from then of me it’s Surely not Hard
    to imagine So Stereotypically Socially Awkward

    Young Child Presenting

    Every Way


    A Gift Born
    Smiling As my
    Mother Said even
    Without A Word i had
    Open Arms For Everyone i met…

    Yes it’s True There Are Different Kinds of
    Reciprocal Social Communication Challenges of

    Life And even though when i finally Learned to speak
    it was hard to keep it all together often made fun of for
    Stuttering What i managed to Bring to A Table of Life

    At Least
    Smiles to Share
    With All a Kiss for
    All Of Nature All Mine

    To Share For the Natural
    Blessings of Blissings Just
    to Perceive Every Color And
    Sound of Life Touching Smelling
    Tasting Life So Exquisitely Fine in the

    Way i

    Still See
    And Bleed Life
    Hehe True i still
    Can’t Stand to Touch
    Man-Made Stuff Yet

    All the Textures Sounds Sights
    Smells Tastes And Touches of Nature
    Are All A Kiss to me of Life’s Gratitude For Breath….


    Not everyone

    Is as excited about

    Nature as Me HAha
    i found the ‘Our Story’
    of Life Where i lived
    Threatened Boys Who
    Smiled With Violence instead

    of Love

    to just

    This Kiss of Life…

    So Anyway HeHe i am no
    Longer A Quiet Child With Eyes
    And Ears and Touch Unique For
    A Kiss for the UNiVerSE Whole

    Now i have Words!

    Now i Get to Express

    All that And Even More more
    more That i See of the UNiVeRSE
    Kissing With Words Everywhere i Go

    Just for




    Breath Now

    SMiLes Dear FRiEnD
    Leaving Here with Your Kind
    Words i Shared them too in Response

    to A Couple of Folks Who Said i Don’t
    Make Sense Trying to convince me that




    as what i say
    has no worth to them…

    And That’s Okay for i quoted
    the words of my Young FRiEnD
    Karlien From A Distance She Was

    My Hero That Day Yes Yesterday

    For Just

    i Deserve to Exist…

    Yet of Course not Unlike the

    “Accountant Movie” About A Man
    With Asperger’s Syndrome Who Goes
    Back to A Place Where Autistic Folks Have
    Challenges And Donates His Money to that
    Organization to help Kids i tend to do the Same

    With Words

    And While

    There are

    The Kind of Autistic
    Folks Who Are More Verbal
    Without Much Empathy for Others

    There are most definitely the Silent

    Ones like me i Still touch As True

    Hehe i write a Thread Autistic And
    Solo There Called “Depth of the Story”

    And The Silent Ones in the Last Months

    Since i Started it Have Viewed it 57,000 Times

    So Far It’s Surely Worth All the Bullying To Touch

    Those Like me Who May Not Have a Voice to come yet

    Yet Who

    Feel and


    A Kiss

    Of Nature

    Beyond What

    Most Human Beings

    will Fathom Haha that

    Thread is on a First Page

    Google Search Results place

    And That Thread Formatted Similar
    to my Blog is even Possible to open

    Up Without A Desk Top Super Computer HeHe…

    It’s Not About the Likes or Follows or Shares to me

    It’s About Touching the Folks Who May Feel Like Lost

    Toys of Humanity So Far And Inspiring Them to Have an

    Awesome Epic Life For their ‘My Story’ No Matter What

    ‘Our Story’ They are born into That Tries to take Away Their Kiss for Nature

    This is the Way
    i See Kissing ALL

    Happy International

    Kissing Day my Young

    FRiEnD May All Life Loves

    Becomes Yours to Give and
    Share even More With Love…
    As “The Depth of the Story” Your “My
    Story” Becomes More of All Of Our Human Story True…

    Always changing always evolving Living Trees Lamps Lit up Colors New

    Blissing You ALWaYS
    With LoVE my FRiEnD Karlien..:)


    Liked by 1 person

  2. I am intrigued hearing more about you and the way you see the world, I have a feeling there is yet much to discover.

    I never knew there was something like a kissing day, I had to go google it. Happy International kissing day to you as well.

    It’s About Touching the Folks Who May Feel Like Lost- For me it is simply to make a positive difference, to help people inn any way I can.

    Much love and abundance, I am always happy to hear from you. Your comments gives me joy.


    Liked by 1 person

  3. SMiLes Dear Karlien
    Hehe i didn’t know there
    Was an International Kissing

    Day Until Another Blogger Brought
    it to my attention Yesterday Expanding

    The Metaphor

    of Kissing

    In Gratitude
    For All Of Existence

    From Below A Sub Particle
    Of An Atom of A Grain of Sand
    Farther Above Than We Humans Will Ever

    Discover in this Lifetime Now Within Our Souls True

    as Well is A Never Ending Kiss of Wonder And Amazement

    For Life As The Best Part off All is The Truth of Mystery That

    There is Always

    More to Discover

    in This Life to

    From First

    Blink of Life

    to Last Precious Breath

    Of Life Returning to Star Dust

    Where We Come Iron in Our Blood
    From Super Nova Explosions Flowing

    Same at Core of Our Only Home EartH

    Yet Star Children Flowers Seeds We Are

    Resurrecting Still From Crucible Fire of Star

    Death Flowers Seeds Exploding Pollinating Us

    Now As Gaseous Star Dust Sentient And Loving All

    At Best

    A Pinnacle
    oF LiFE Giving
    Sharing For All LiGHT

    You Do make a Huge

    Difference Dear FRiEnD

    Caring There is Love to Give to

    Every Corner of Each UNiVeRSE

    Of Existence From Below to Above Even More SMiLing…

    SMiLes Dear FRiEnD in My Life Evolving i’ve Been Named
    A Valuable Commodity as A Computer Brain At 44 And Then At
    53 A Beautiful Heart How Blessed to Hear Someone Sees me As Beautiful Soul

    At 61 Celebrating 96 Months In Heaven Within After 66 Months of the ‘Other Place’

    i Do Believe

    There is

    A Theme

    Song For These Words too

    Love Is all Existence ‘God’ Is Move

    And Repose Never Ending Resurrecting

    Dance And Song Eternally Now Always Changing

    New Music Vibrations Frequencies Energy Evolving Love..:)


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