Dreams of you

He haunts me in my dreams

I try to forget him

but how can I when he shows up when I sleep


At least all is good and happy

for only a while, it feels like reality

The imagery flashes vividly

as we live a fairytale unreal for me


I wake up with unpleasant emptyness

as realization dawns with awareness

that you are no longer here for me


I wish you could see

how you overtake my memory

Once or twice was fine

until it turned into every night


Dreams of you of us and all we could have been

appears once I go to sleep

I am curious, have you ever continuously dreamt about someone or something? And did you discover the meaning behind it?

Please feel free to share

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  1. I did pop onto Wattpad and read Chapter 1. I liked it. Good characters and good pacing. So I am looking forward to what happens next.

    Yes, I have continuously dreamt about something, sometimes many years apart. I know I dream a lot normally, but it’s rare for me to remember details when I wake up. Those dreams I do remember are generally about what happened that day.

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  2. Wow, I can’t thank you enough. Thanks for the feedback too. It feels great to know that I have your support.

    Sounds very interesting. Oh how I hate it when I can’t recall a dream, especially when it was a good one. Thank you for sharing. It’s interesting how our minds still work on the things of real life when we dream.

    I appreciate you, more than I can tell. May you have a blessed day filled with love and abundance.

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  3. “Embrace the glorious mess that you are”

    SMiLes Karlien that’s Very Profound You Know

    What Would A Man Do Financially Independent

    For The Rest of His Life already marrying the

    Most Beautiful Woman For What He

    Dreamed of All His Life

    What Would Be

    Left to Do

    Except Paint

    The Midnight Sky
    Colors He’s Never Felt Before…

    True Others Might Seek Intensities
    of Physical Pleasures Alone in Novel
    Ways of Life Yet What Life Teaches me Most

    Is it is Reality

    That is the


    And Our Potential
    to Paint the Midnight New
    Moon Sky With Colors Never
    Felt Before Yes True Even with
    My Dream Girl at my Side Forevemorenow

    For 33 Years i too am Haunted then by Dreams
    of First Love Coming Back to me not Nearly As Beautiful
    As Dream Woman Girl by my Side Yet Still A Dream Where

    Life is Really


    only For

    Ours to Paint
    To Create At Essence
    of What We Really Feel now
    Awake or Asleep the Reality as
    Real as Real Gets What We Feel and Sense now

    Precipice of Heaven And Hell Loss and Gain Night
    And Day Dark and Light Twilight Intense Where Hell



    In Life


    It’s True

    On A Roller Coaster
    There’s Not Much Excitement
    Traveling in Grey Scale Life with
    No Rises or Falls to Color Midnight Skies

    You See in School And In Work And Sadly At Home
    As Well We are most Never Taught How to Master Dreamtime

    Now True There is No ‘Morpheus’ At our Side Out of A ‘Matrix Movie’
    to Unplug From What We Have Been Spoon-Fed in Deadlines of Making
    Money and Things Life to Generate Our Own Colors of Nirvana And Bliss

    Still to come Now

    As Art Forms Generating

    Essence Life Breathes New Now

    So i looked Within And Found Still Seeking
    Now Finding Answers in Free Flowing Words
    of Free Verse Poetry And Yes Dreamtime in Dance
    Steps in Public As 15,088 Miles of Meditating Moving
    That In Flow and 9.4 MiLLioN Words Have come in 94 Months too

    For What i’ve Come to Understand

    Is Life is Order and Chaos Feather

    Becomes Wind Where Random

    And Faith in Now Meets Where

    Lucid Waking Dreamtime

    Becomes Ours

    Silent Pilot




    Go Coloring New

    Painting Midnight

    Skies Feather Floats
    Wind in Broad Daylight Now

    Feel How Vague The Shape of
    This Reality Is Then Paint the Shape

    Of Your



    As of course

    You Already do
    Embracing the Chaos
    And Making Order The Magic That comes Next

    OBTW my Dreams of my First Love Ended When
    i Became The Dream And Thanked Her for the Grief
    That Helped me Bring Back my Soul When All Was Lost
    in Hell for 66 Months What i Found is the ability to Find the

    Deep Warmth

    in Connecting

    Love What

    i Left Behind

    When She Left me

    And Didn’t Realize It Until

    i finally Thanked Her And Let her go…

    As i didn’t Realize What Was Still Holding

    my Deeper Ability to Love Back All those Years

    We May Believe in some ways that the 5 Percent
    of Awareness We See And Think is Our Realities Most Yet that

    Is only the Surface of Our Ocean We may Still Come to See and Be
    Through Arts of HeART SPiRiT Soul We Dive Deeper than what we ‘think’…

    And Of


    We Are All

    Separate Oceans

    Who Share the Same Dream

    As Far As i Can And Will Dream For Now at Least..

    SMiLes i Treasure All of Humanity Each Human Being

    Another UNiVerSE of ‘God’ Yes Spirit Beyond Trademarks
    to Explore my

    FRiEnD No

    Matter Form


    Still to come
    Golden Ages
    Ever More Unfolding Souls…

    Leaving All the Stuff And Money Behind…

    if i had a Billion Dollars More i Will Discard
    it like Dust in the Wind it is As my Weight Now
    my Soul is Feather Greater Spirit Wind Coloring

    HeART Free




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  4. A TheMe A MeMe A Dance A Song ALReady For All We May Now BREaTHE New Free
    Coming to Art in Life Again Different Oceans SaMe Dream New my FRiEnD With SMiLes ThiS ETernal Breath

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  5. Wow Frederick, you’ve shared the most amazing, profound and even helpful insights. Your words always have an affect on me, of passion, inspiration, wonder, hope and connection. You’ve written everything so beautifully. You have a talent I hadn’t yet seen in anyone else.

    Keep on sharing these amazing stories and insights of yours.


    Would you mind if I put your comment into one of my blog posts, I will be sure to give the credit to you.

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  6. SMiLes Dear Karlien Most Everything i Write in my Blog
    Is Simply A Copy And Paste of What Other Humans

    Have inspired

    Around the

    Globe in the

    Last 94 Months

    Considering this Poem

    Wouldn’t Exist Without

    Inspiration of Yours Considering

    That All my Poems are Gifts to those

    Who Inspire my Soul In Other Words it

    Belongs to You as Much as Me my FRiEnD

    It Seems

    The World

    Would Be

    A Nicer Place

    if We Didn’t Try to
    Own it So Much With

    SMiLes hehe surely now

    If We Feel We Are Enough Now

    And are Complete All that’s Left to
    Do is Give And Share Life Free mY FRiEnD

    i am simply



    You Welcome

    me in Your Place
    of Writing Life not

    All Do i am Always

    Surprised Actually when
    Anyone Does Delightfully Yet this is
    only My Heaven to Give and Share Free…

    You Are Welcome to Do As You Please

    With Any Art i Give and Share Free

    All that i do

    is A Finger

    Print of Soul
    Anyway with Smiles..

    Shall We Own Foot Prints
    on the Beach Not in my View
    my FRiEnD Foot Prints Are For Others to Touch..:)

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  7. The Hunchback of Notre Dame
    The Phantom of the Opera
    Frankenstein Without A Soul


    Wanting to

    Be Human

    These Are All Archetypes

    of the Devil Lost in Hell Within

    And True For 66 Months i Am All of Those

    Most Everyone Turned Away

    From Me Living In Hell

    On Earth

    And i Lost
    All ability

    to Feel the
    Giving and Receiving
    of Love in Life the Flame
    Within That makes life worth living at all

    Other than That Experiencing Type Two
    Trigeminal Neuralgia The Worst Pain Known
    to Humankind No Drug Would Touch For 66 Months Shut-in my
    Bedroom From Wake to Sleep With A Synergy of 18 Other Life Threatening
    Mostly Chronic to Acute Work-Stress Related Disorders From A Slow Burn Then

    of 11 Years of Stress to Hell

    All My Poetry

    Started When

    One Person

    in A Crowd

    of Coldness

    Told me Thank You

    For Being Me No Act

    Of Kindness is too Small

    To Change An Entire UniVerse

    Of A Human Being ReNeWeD Free

    You Are A Kind Human

    Being in Crowds

    Of Cold



    Up New Colors on

    Human Christmas Trees
    SMiLes Dear Friend Public
    Dancing i Hear the Words Famous
    Legend and Hero commonly in Life

    Yet Still

    The Loudest

    Thank You

    i Still Hear

    is From A Stranger In Hell…

    It’s People Like You Who Have
    The ability to Bring Strangers Back to Life…

    Feel the Blessing You Are to Others Most…

    i’ve Interacted With Thousands of People

    in the Last 10 Years and 7 Months and Close
    to 13 MiLLioN Words online i feel the Gems When they Touch

    my Soul

    And Make

    A New Color
    on my Christmas
    Tree i Refuse to Take Down

    Have A Beautiful Soul-lit

    Coloring Day Dream on FRiEnD Free…

    Thank You

    For Being You

    For You Are

    A Dream Come
    True Today to me..:)

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