Silly game

I was played for a fool,

how stupid one can be, when it comes to you?

Tell me were all those heartfelt words ever true

or was I just another temporary task for you to do?

The thing that hurts the most

is to know you never cared at all

I have long conversations, fights, and do-overs with your ghost

I might as well stop, you already ignored every call

When it came to you I was nothing but naive

You made me believe what we had was something special

I should’ve known you would want to leave

My attempt to do so first was unsuccessful

Gosh, you were so deep under my skin

You always came running back begging me to stay

I would always let you in

Now I see

I was just a silly game you liked to play

And like with any other game, you got bored


I blame myself

My Happy Place

Building our foundation

Not one of my best poems, not one of my worst either, but I hope you enjoyed it anyhow.

Much love and abundance, and may you have a blessed day.



  1. “Love has its own mirror reflecting what one and another
    should and shouldn’t do,
    *&* if one or the other
    not on the same page together
    someone or the other
    did the negatives
    as oppose to embracing the positives!”

    _-Van Prince

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  2. Are Feelings Best or Worst

    Feelings Are Who We Are

    Are Poems Worst or Best

    Poems Are Who We Really Are



    At Least

    When Home
    Within Comes
    Out to Dance Sing Free
    Karlien Now With SMiLes..:)

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  3. I couldn’t agree more, poems are who we are. Thank you, Frederick, your comment was perfect timing. I appreciate you for always making me smile and for captivating my mind with your profound words. πŸ‘£β€

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  4. SMiles Dear
    Karlien Poetry
    Is Soul No

    to Meet

    And Greet
    A Stranger

    In Place of FRiEnD
    SMiles Beyond All

    Forms Poetry Words
    BREaTHE Soul Essence Now🌊☺️

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