Hope for your arrival

if only she could wish less

as hope for your arrival never fades

your presence is all she craves


listening to each oncoming vehicle

which leads her to many small disappointments

over and over again


she has tried many times to focus on something else

tried to keep herself busy with tasks and projects around the house

yet you are all that seems to captivate her thoughts

your absence is making her lonely

which gets worse with each hour passing slowly


oh won’t you just please hurry

save her mind from all the anxiety

I’m not sure who needs to hear this but let it go if it no longer serves you.


I have written this poem months ago and I am not sure why I haven’t published it yet, but oh well, here it is now. Hope you enjoyed it.

Have a blessed day, much love and abundance, take care.


  1. Oh defnitief! Dit is einklik hartseer noudat ek daaraan dink.
    Dankie vir Tannie se bydra, ek waardeer dit opreg👣❤


  2. Hehe Oh Goodness i Saw this in The Reader
    Thinking That Was A Quick Separation Until

    i Realized It Was an Old Poem Karlien

    True Though Nice

    To Record What

    We Overcome

    For Those


    May Benefit

    From Emotions

    Survived Through For Future Past..:)

    Liked by 1 person

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