Your guide to have more willpower

Defining willpower

According to most psychological scientists, willpower can be defined as: The ability to delay gratification, resisting short-term temptations in order to meet long-term goals. The capacity to override an unwanted thought, feeling, or impulse

What you need to know about willpower: The psychological science of self-control – American Psychological Association

Why should we have willpower?

Willpower can and should be strengthened. I see willpower as the same thing as self-discipline. We should lead a disciplined life to achieve our goals and keep up with high standards.

We should learn to push ourselves. To step outside of our comfort zone. To do the things we don’t want to when we know it will benefit us in some way by doing it.

Their lies power in doing one thing completely, with a 100% effort. With complete willpower. How you do one thing is how you do everything, meaning that if you delay something small or a simple task, do it half or complain about it, how are you expecting not to take that same half effort and complaints with you when it comes to bigger tasks and priorities.

Do the small things with total willpower and it will be transferred to how you handle the rest of your goals.


Habits to have more willpower

We use willpower over and over again and eventually, we make it a habit

One simple task I want you to do first thing in the morning when you get out of bed is to make the bed. Don’t just lazily throw the covers close and put the pillow in place. Make sure the duvets are smooth and pulled on correctly. Put in some effort in making your bed. Do this every single day and notice the difference it can make on the rest of your day and how you take on tasks.

Exercise. As simple as that. Schedule a 5-60 minute workout at least twice a weak. When it is time to exercise, don’t procrastinate. Just go do it.

Focus on one task at a time. Emerce yourself into doing one task until it’s done. Don’t have three different things to do and try to multitask, it will take more time and energy than needed.


Create a Reward System. Every time you completed a goal and did so fully, reward yourself with something small.

Set realistic and attainable goals. Ever heard of SMART goals?

When taking on a goal/task, use Positive self-talk, Affirmations, and Encouraging words and motivate yourself and just do it. Do it for you. Set new standards of what kind of person you are and be that person, improve that person every single day. Be the best version of you, for you.

Stick to your plan, nothing stops willpower like changing your goals and plans for no actual good reason. If you said you were going to do this at this time, go do it! It will strengthen your willpower. By changing your plan unnecessarily, you are telling your brain that it is okay to procrastinate and willpower by now has already packed its bags.

This may seem obvious but get enough sleep. Your willpower will be very low when you are tired. Unless you are like me, that at a certain stage of tiredness you get energized and more focused. Just don’t overdo it.

Get up early, has improved my willpower tremendously, I am more awake, more aware, had just the right amount of sleep, and am ready to take on the day fully.

Define and remember your ‘Why’ it’s important to know why you want to have more willpower, why you want to complete this task, why did you start in the first place. The deeper your why is rooted the easier it gets to have more willpower.


Just one last quote before I say goodbye😉

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Hope you have an amazing and blessed day with the willpower to complete your goals and achieve your dreams.

Much love & abundance



  1. Autotelic Flow
    Sweet Spot Tween
    Apathy And Anxiety


    Our on


    Focusing On

    One Task




    Human Potentials
    NoW iNDeed Dear Karlien☺️🙌

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  2. karlien09 says:


    I apprecite you dearly, more than you know. You always make me smile with your simple yet very profound comments. Thank you🤗


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  3. Always A Pleasure
    Dear Karlien
    At Best
    Yes 🌊

    Leaving ❤️

    Only Footprints 👣

    Soul Behind Forwarding☺️

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  4. Letty-Ann says:

    Very encouraging,Karlien!

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  5. karlien09 says:

    Thank you Letty-Ann🤗❤


  6. “WillPower is couraged=being persistent with determination to be successful and happy
    no mater who or what trying to stop you.”
    _-Van Prince

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  7. karlien09 says:

    Precisely! Thanks Van🕊


  8. without any doubt

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  9. inspirechief says:

    Great post, Karlien! The complete guide to becoming a better you.

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  10. karlien09 says:

    Thank you, Chief, very much appreciate your support🙌❤

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  11. Manish Malu says:

    beautiful post, in such good details and Quotes are so wonderful… Keep sharing such things…

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  12. karlien09 says:

    Thank you, dear friend, your support is deeply appreciated👣❤

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  13. kinge says:

    Well explained. I like this ” how we do anything determines how we do everything”

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  14. karlien09 says:

    Thank you Kinge, I think this phrase is my personal favorite because I’ve found it to be very true, simple actions done fully can radiate throughout our whole life🔥❤

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  15. kinge says:

    Its a really nice phrase. ❤

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