COVID isn’t the only thing that is contagious

Energies are too!

Whatever you are thinking or feeling, you are projecting onto others.

We each have a chance to influence others. We each have a choice to carry positive or negative vibes/energies. We have the choice to spread love or spread hatred.

Energies are contagious~Make sure yours is worth sharing › your-energy
Your Energy Is Contagious – My Sacred Energy

We have the power to leave a positive impact on the world with every single encounter.


Improve positivity


Observe your thoughts. See where there is room for improvement. Teach yourself to immediately find a positive outlook if you catch yourself being negative.

🌸Focus on your goals

Do more of what you love. Go after your wildest dreams and goals.

🌸Find more ways to improve yourself, physically, emotionally, spiritually/religiously.



Count your blessings. Keep a daily gratitude journal. Truly feel grateful, for you are blessed in so many ways.

🌸In any situation, step back and look for the silver line. There is some good in any situation, always.


🌸Try to see the good in others

🌸Surround yourself with positive people

🌸Make more time for the people you love

🌸Practice positive self-talk

🌸Try new things

🌸Listen to music. Music is proven to be a good mood booster and stress reliever.

🌸Don’t voverthink

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I see negative energy as wasted energy, and sadly I’ve wasted so much energy these last few weeks and it is time for a change, time to become a better and more optimistic person for my well-being and others.

I wrote this blog as a personal reminder and hopefully a reminder to you as well, to stay positive and keep spreading love and everything beautiful.


Thanks for reading🕊❤



  1. There is negative energy and positive energy
    the latter make matter positive
    the former make matter negative.” _-Van Prince

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  2. Wise words, Karlien! ❤ None of us can live up to this and be positive all of the time. The important thing is, if we find ourselves being negative, we forgive ourselves and get back on track. Happiness is a choice. Happiness is a habit. 🙂 Have a happy day! 🙂

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  3. Letty-Ann says:

    So true.

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  4. henhouselady says:

    The world is filled with so much fear right now it so important to spread positive energy where ever you go.

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  5. Beslis het ons positiewe energie nodig.

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  6. karlien09 says:

    Very true dear friend👣❤


  7. karlien09 says:

    Thank you, Cheryl, I needed to hear this🕊❤


  8. karlien09 says:



  9. karlien09 says:

    I completely agree💯

    Thanks for your support, have an amazing day👣❤

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  10. karlien09 says:



  11. Toortsie says:

    Jip. Concentrate on the positive things. Ag, en dan kan een iemand jou so van balans af ruk.

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  12. karlien09 says:

    Heeltemal😂 Dit is omdat ek konstant so van balans af geruk is deur iemand dat ek hierdie blog geskryf het. Ek probeer my bes om dit ontoelaatbaar te maak om negatief te wees te danke aan iemand anders se woorde, houdinge en aksies.

    Dankie vir die ondersteuning.

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  13. Toortsie says:

    Ai en dan kan hulle skielik so jou vlerkies probeer knip. Nee wat, hulle gaan dit nie regkry nie.

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  14. karlien09 says:

    Ek stem!🔥🕊


  15. Soms word ons so meegesleur deur seer en uitdagings dat ons vergeet daar is opsies waaruit ons kan kies hoe om op iets te reageer. Gelukkig kom ons weer daarby uit!

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  16. karlien09 says:

    Dit is só, absoluut! n Les wat my n rukkie gevat het om te leer, soos Tannie sê, darem kom ons weer daarby uit❤

    Hoop Tannie het n wonderlike Dag🤗❤


  17. Baie dankie. Geniet jou dag en baie dankie vir al jou wysheid. Ek leer by jou! ❤

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  18. karlien09 says:

    Dankie vir Tannie. Waardeer dat Tannie die tyd gevat het om Tannie se gedagtes neer te lê. Ons leer by mekaar👣❤


  19. All Is Energy
    Vibration Frequency
    Be MuSiC Master All🦋

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  20. mpardi2013 says:

    Thank you for posting this. We are on a threshold we must recognize before we destroy ourselves. Marco

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  21. Love is more cantagious!

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  22. karlien09 says:

    My pleasure. I needed to hear that phrase, it resonates with me more than you would know, I should be thanking you.

    Much love and abundance👣❤


  23. karlien09 says:

    😂 Indeed dear friend, indeed!🔥❤


  24. karlien09 says:

    Thanks for taking the time to read❤


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