Building our foundation


Our love is fresh and new

we’re on a path of discovery

learning things we never knew

trying to understand the great mystery

of what makes us tick

finding all the perks and flaws that stick


Fights shortly follow

with both parties to blame

it can be a hard pill to swallow

but things aren’t always meant to stay the same


The beginnings of relationships are interesting

A mixture of discovery, butterflies, passion, misunderstanding, and confusion

Seeing one another as their everything


In the end, we’re slowly piling up bricks

building our foundation of love and trust

Everything happens for a reason:

To love each other all the more

with every passing second

to benefit the future together



  1. In the beginning the start
    of love is in the heart
    hot with deire
    fiery with passion
    making love every hour-

    Love after its inception
    settle down in its normal state
    of this, that, and the other at a slower pace
    taking more time to sustain its passion
    more patience to obtain sexual release-

    Love in the third stage
    will only continue with modified
    actions and reactions
    to sustain interaction in loving each other, at times
    creating neglect and cheating
    as love is replaced with indifference
    ending in separation
    beginning a new love with another

    By: Van Prince

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  2. I am very sure that I will. Very glad to hear you loved it🕊 I tried my best😂

    Thank you dear friend for your kind words and support.



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