Average Sucks

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Michael Bernoff’s 5-day Average Sucks Challenge 8th-12th February https://email.numerologist.com/a/109/click/9270109/750097203/_9c817b4b96cbe97b4f6c54ab49c659e50fbc2f6b/8c9f9335121daf5631ac37fc2aec6eb2aee683e8

‘Average sucks’ is a motivational quote on its own, for me, it is anyway.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be average. That is probably why I started this blog, you may deem it as average where you are from, but I certainly don’t, I don’t know anyone else in my town who blogs. So blogging in itself is already an above-average hobby in my eyes.

‘Average sucks.’ In a way, it motivates me to strive for better and for more, to accomplish more, to push myself and my limits and stop holding back in any way.

Being average sounds lame.

So take advantage of this free challenge, who knows, maybe it will be life-changing🔥👣

Have an amazing weekend and maybe see how you can make it a weekend that is above average for yourself, see how you can accomplish it in the simplest ways.

Last weekend I went to see this waterfall with my boyfriend alongside two other couples. And on top, we took a swim in the river. We also tasted black wine that was brought from Cape-Town that is 2 000km away.

In my eyes, to go swim in the river was above average, because it was something I had never done.

My heart got stuck in my throat at a point. My boyfriend nearly scared me to death and on purpose! So, as I mentioned we swam in the river at the top. There are some points in the river that are a bit deeper, and I was sitting alone in the river, feeling the pull of the waters, while the rest was sitting outside the river on rocks chatting. Mind you the water was a bit freezing, but I enjoyed it. My boyfriend came to join me and when he entered the river, he vanished under the water. Just like that. One second there, the next one he is gone. And obviously, it a river (and the waterfall is just around the corner), and his body was pulled for another about 5-10 meters or so and in a way, I am trying to get to him. My insides were loaded with panic. So then he stood up laughing, and I immediately knew it was done on purpose. Unbelievable!😲😂

He loves testing me with every chance he gets in any way he can. At this point, I think he knows me better than I know myself. Life with him never has a dull moment, that is one thing for sure.

Okay, I’m going to say goodbye now.

Thanks for reading, hope I didn’t bore you till death.

Have an above-average day! or try to at least🤗



  1. For my 62nd birthday on the 30th I walked from the Bronx at 177th and East Tremont Avenue to 60th Street and 1st Avenue. It took me about four hours to complete! Was that an Above Average moment? If so, let’s go 🙏♒️🐕🙌

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  2. Wow! Definitely an above-average activity/moment, and that for on your birthday 👏🔥 You must be in pretty good shape then.
    Thanks for sharing, love to see that you did something above average.

    Much love and abundance. Keep on being above average!❤👣

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  3. I just looked up how far I walked but I forgot to mention that I stopped at some silver colored trailer which is a barber 💈 and I found it so out of place amid the virus that I got me a haircut 💇‍♂️ something that I do myself however I felt compelled to help out my community.😆🙏♒️🐕👍🏾

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  4. Hmm Never Thought
    Of it ‘That Way’
    The Only


    Who Blogs

    In My Town
    Too Hehe Just
    Matches EVERYTHING
    ELSE i do Life IS

    For EPiC

    And Susie

    To The


    Are Rather

    Dull Adults

    Now Frowning

    All Work, School,
    Church No Adult



    Left To Do
    It All i

    To Shake
    Up Their Reality

    AND MAKE THEM Smile😛

    i Didn’t Even Start Breathing
    Until 53 Last 90




    Indeed For

    The Whole



    View No Shame💫😊

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  5. Karlien, swimming in a river on top of a waterfall is way above average. I have done many crazy dangerous things in my life but not that. It sounded like a great day out with good friends. Great memories. Take care.

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