Two Wholes

It feels like I was waiting forever

yet every moment I treasured

because in those moments I was shown how to be happy for the better

the value of these lessons cant be measured


your happiness should never be dependant on others, nor material things

happiness is homemade and up to us to cultivate

we must change our mindset before the sun sets

search for anything and everything good in life

find yourself by challenging yourself

learn to love, believe and lead yourself

always strive to be better no matter the weather

learn to sharpen your own knife


It was worth the wait

I had to learn to fill my own cup

I’m not a half anymore and your not my other half

rather we are two wholes colliding into one whole

self-love is what brought me you, and with it, true-love

hadn’t I made the change, things would have never turned out this way

Just thought I would share as it brightened up my day.💖

Thank you so much for reading, hope you are enjoying my poems, because I plan on writing more of them.

Please leave me your honest thoughts, I truly do want to improve my poem writing.

Have an amazing and blessed day. I wish you all the best.



  1. I am not sure how to read it? Are you happy again or just pensive?

    You are clever, highly intelligent, talented and so beautiful – should be cherished, if someone doesn’t appreciate you, they don’t deserve you!


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  2. Karlien, a very powerful poem. I like how you know who you are and you are in control. The heart is a frail organ but it mends itself and becomes stronger. I am praying for abundance and love for you. 🤗❤️

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  3. Not Unlike A Butcher
    With Such Balance of
    Cutting A Knife
    Never Dulling
    A Dance
    In Balance
    In Public
    So Friendly
    With Gravity
    Surfing Walmart
    Smooth New Floors
    may Lend Tread of
    Athletic Shoes Year
    Long Masked Dance
    Find A Task
    Find Balance
    Within Inside


    Never Lonely
    All To Give Planets



    With Please Now💫

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  4. Very happy🙈😁 I admit the poem was a bit unclear with no laid-out backstory. Basically, she is thankful for all the time she had to wait to finally meet the one, in those times she found herself and now the love she has found is the best.

    I have yet much work to put into my poems, I see that now👀🙈

    Thank you, Joanna, it means the world to me.
    Always a pleasure to have you here.


  5. Thank you Chief, it is very much appreciated. Always happy to see shared thoughts from you, thank you very much for all the love and support.
    Same to you, take good care👣❤

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  6. I like this poem very much, Karlien. I especially appreciate the theme of “two wholes.” While it may sound romantic to say that two people “complete each other,” I think a stronger relationship results from two “complete” people joining forces. ❤ Have a great weekend! When school starts, will it be virtual or in-person?

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  7. Thank you so very much, Cheryl. So happy to hear you liked it. I completely agree, I wish more people focused on loving and finding themselves first before committing to a relationship.
    Have a great weekend as well🎉

    The school will be in person, but I am trying to convince my mother to allow me to do my GED, which will be online. There are just too much stress and complications with school at the moment because last year a lot of the work was cut out and put into this year and I only have school 5 days in two weeks and Grade 11 is already the worst year on its own.
    So after this weekend, I will know what will be happening forward.

    Thank you Cheryl for sharing your thoughts. I still have much to learn, especially from you, I wish you an overflow of abundance and love.


  8. I must appreciate the way you delinate your thoughts in such a beautiful way. You are just awesome.❤❤
    But hey! I have also started my blogging website on inspiration and positivity. Please stop by my page. Do share your feedbacks, this will mean world to me. If you like then, do shower some love. Have a great day❤

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  9. Thank you so much, I appreciate it❤
    Will check it out for sure!!🔥💕
    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. May your life be filled with love and abundance.

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