Let me in

Not the truth, yet not a lie

it feels like betrayal and I don’t have much reason why

I struggle to keep a hold of my emotions

I’m trying my best to steer them in the right directions

Yet, my pursuit is pretty much hopeless


Please explain to me why it was so hard for you

to simply tell me the easy truth

can’t you see what silence can do

it can turn everything sweet into a bitter tooth


Not telling me makes my mind run endlessly

does the fault lie with me, I thought we shared everything

I guess I overthink too easily

every thought accompanied by a sting

I’ll always let you be, as long as you let me in

Hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to share your thoughts.

Have an amazing day!



  1. Perhaps you should unknowledge that it isn’t the other people/person fault that we
    bestow on them the qualities they don’t possess

    PS I have made this mistake myself, and it hurts,

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  2. Thanks, dear friend, for sharing your wise insights. I appreciate you dearly. Always a pleasure hearing from you.👣❤


  3. Thank you for sharing this beautiful message with me.
    May your life be filled with unconditional love and abundance.


  4. “Telling the truth is a two-way street
    when not telling the truth, lying becomes subject and selfish
    when by-passing the lie and telling the truth
    truth is objective being trustworthy to whoever>”

    _-Van Prince

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  5. Busy planning a book for a writing competition, hope to write a blog before this weekend. Very busy with school these days, got sh** loads of work each day, and don’t always get time to spend on my creativity.

    I value our friendship dearly, always enjoy holding conversations with you. Thanks for all the creative positivity you bring💖


  6. “School is worthy of its mission though
    teaching us foundation, principles, integrity, and thought
    our formative years are profound days
    school days
    are our best days!”_-Van Prince

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