Toward emotional intelligence

Anger fuels anger, regret shortly follow

nasty words we didn’t mean get blurted out with no return

putting your emotions through a blender, making it hard to swallow

fighting on, why are we always so stubborn


Guilt trip and shaming to make someone feel bad

playing the victim which makes things worse

going the wrong way about it, it is kinda sad

it will only bring the bond a curse


Nothing hurts more than disappointment

it hits deep, it reveals parts that you didn’t know existed

they held you so high and you couldn’t reach their expectations

senses overflowing with guiltiness

there is almost certainly nothing that feels worse

We need better ways to communicate our feelings. The only way we will better our communication is through better understanding our own emotions and the real why behind them.

We will only begin to get better at handling arguments, anger, and hurts if we start working on our emotional intelligence.

I struggled to get a title for this poem, it would mean a lot if you have any ideas for me🙈

I wanted to do something else, and fun in a way, so I created this poll:

What is your response when angry, hurt or upset most of the times?

Click the link to vote for the most suited option.

Thanks for reading, I would love to hear your thoughts on this poem and whether there is anything you would have done differently.

If you don’t mind, would you leave me a rating on this poem in the comment section from 1-10, and give a reason if it is below 6.

I truly want to improve my poem writing, it would mean a lot if you could leave a rating and any tips that you have for me.



  1. SMiles Where Do
    We Feel Our


    Body Yet







    And Continues

    To Leave Soul






    Move Yes Dance
    Sing Unintelligible


    To Regulate





    Dead Heads…

    Dance Free

    See What’s
    Underneath “The Song”💫

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  2. Since I gave you an honest thought of your post would you please give me your honest thoughts on my post Stretching The Truth? Nobody seemed to like it… maybe I said something offensive?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Nothing really lol that’s why I asked your opinion on it. I don’t know something unless someone says something. Was the picture too much? Was it offensive? Too weird for a guy to be talking about? I don’t know.

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  4. Loved the pic, in my eyes not at all offensive. I wish more guys would talk about things like this. I am glad that you don’t hold women up to social standards, in my eyes, social standards bring much unhappiness to both women and men.

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  5. How can I embrace the glorious mess I am when you only come around every now and then…

    And I’m winning at the talkative race.

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  6. Those words all flowed beautifully in a way somehow😂

    By not being afraid to be yourself, to be weird and talkative, rather viewing it as good traits that make you you.

    Nope, not happening😒😛

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  7. Karlien, great poem. I think you should title it Anger. It is simple direct and to the point. I give it a 9. I found it deep and dark. The poll was a nice addition to your post. Take care. Scott

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