Happy World Teachers Day

5th October 2020

To all the teachers ~ Thank you

💕Thank you for always putting in the extra effort, an effort that isn’t always seen; selfless effort. Thank you for going the extra mile.

💕Thank you for teaching us things and lessons beyond the teachings of textbooks. Thank you for broadening our viewpoints.

💕Thank you for being a second set of parents. Thank you for your love, attention, and understanding of nature. Thank you for caring, for the discipline, for keeping us on the right track, and for motivating us.

💕You are one of the people who have the most power of influence in the world. You make a huge difference. Thank you.

💕Thank you for inspiring, influencing, teaching, and motivating students.

💕Thank you for making sure the students succeed and excel in school as well as in life after school.

💕Thank you for being headstrong during this pandemic, for guiding us, for showing up with a smile, and for making the weight on our shoulders a bit less. Thanks for all the sacrifices you make every day.

💕Thank you for being a student’s reason to smile when they walk through your class door.

💕Thank you for showing kindness, wisdom, and a helping hand for those around you.

💕Thank you for being the reason a student fell in love with learning.

💕Thank you for being a guide and a mentor.

💕Thank you for being the leaders for those who will lead one day.

💕Thank you for leaving your footprint engraved in our hearts.

💕Thank you for making a difference.



  1. This is such a beautiful expression of gratitude. I can see your teacher moved to tears reading this. I would be. You are a wonderful pupil to have in the classroom. Thank you.


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  2. Yea, thank you. Just not entirely too proud of myself, I am slacking off a bit and not working on my goals. I guess I have a few internal problems I have to work on, that is all🌸

    Thanks for caring💕


  3. I feel the same, that is good though. In some areas of SA, there has to be transported water, especially through these COVID times, some places are having a very bad drought.


  4. Yeah, but I live in a somewhat rural place, the crime is bad, but not that bad… This weekend people tried to break into my friend’s house🙈

    Farmers are being murdered for a few years now… Kidnappings are increasing, today the teachers got messages, that were supposed to tell us to watch out and be careful.

    Overall SA is 6/10 (If it weren’t for all these sins, I would rate it a 10)


  5. That is good🌺

    This doesn’t count as a crime, though it is still very bad… there is a lot of striking in SA, a lot


  6. So far yes, but I am still deciding… it all depends if I can start a writing career or something before I graduate and whether I still want to study further


  7. There is at least one teacher in everyone’s life that has left a lasting impression, I’m sure. Thank you for reminding us to remember them, and be thankful for their encouraging inspiration in our lives.

    We all have the opportunity to teach, whether in a classroom setting or otherwise, so let us continue to inspire each other. Thank you for sharing. ♥

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