Why you should try something new

I for one, love trying out new things, pushing myself beyond my limits, and getting outside of my comfort zones. I believe there are many different benefits when it comes to taking on a new challenge and simply testing the waters in whichever area in your life.

1. Excitement and curiosity.

Trying out new things helps to keep you from dying of boredom. In this world, thanks to technology it is easier than ever to discover and learn something new.

There are so many different kinds of things we can start to learn and experiment with. Whether it is to try a new hobby, food, or commit to a new friendship or relationship, trying to dress differently and even to put yourself through entirely different experiences.

2. Self-discovery

When trying new things, you will either want to continue doing it or move on to the next big thing and with that, you get to know yourself a whole lot better.

You might even discover hidden talents or even maybe inabilities.

I believe that knowing more of who you are will automatically improve self-confidence, courage, and the way you see yourself as well.

3. It can open up new windows.

Life is a funny thing and sometimes the strangest things happen when we try something new. Opportunities that we didn’t even know existed could pop up whether it is professional or personal.

4. Gives you a chance to meet new people.

Starting anything new, you are most likely not the only one doing something and it can be rather easy to find someone already doing the same thing.

5. It can help expand your perspectives in life.

When doing new stuff we learn something/anything and immediately change our mind and the way we see some things.

6. It shows you that you are capable of more.

When reaching a milestone we always want to take it to the next level, because we know that we are capable, we know we will eventually get there, we know we can achieve more than we already have.

7. It keeps your brain active.

Trying something new automatically lets your brain learn new things and improve memory and knowledge.

8. It teaches you patience.

Some things can really test your patience in the most brutal ways, but I believe it is necessary because that is how we learn to be more patient.

9. You’ll see that your time is valuable.

Maybe you’ve wasted a lot of time, trying something new will make you want to do more of what you love, to be more productive, and stop doing the things that won’t ever get you anywhere.

Today I challenge you to go and try out something new, try absolutely anything out. Is there a food you’ve always wanted to try? A language you’ve always wanted to speak? A sport/hobby you’ve always wanted to try? A place you’ve always wanted to visit?

Do and try something new, bring more excitement into your life.

Have a great day/night and thank you so much for reading, I truly appreciate it.💕


  1. I totaly agree with you. Trying new things is something really usefull for us, we can really discover a new world and new passions and we can improve ourselves. Great work!

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  2. So happy to hear that💕 True🙈 Same hear, haven’t got any complaints, and very happy with my life for the biggest part🤗❤

    💕❤Anything new or interesting at the moment?

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  3. Glad to hear that, because I have written it a few weeks ago and had only a few things to edit and decided to do it today🌸

    Much love and abundance. Take care💕

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  4. I love this post. Always try new things. I remember the book ” Who Moved My Cheese,” A reminder when things change, you should change too. Don’t be afraid of new challenges.

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  5. Thank you for throwing caution to ya winds; fly from above to the cliff face as the howling winds whip debris 360 degrees and for an instant Fear, indomitable, churns bile unto ya upper lip but just as quickly you get ya 2nd wind And recovery brings a whoosh of air that both startles and is eye opening! Waah haa ooff…God Life is great 👍

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