Breaks are necessary for survival

It really is.

Why breaks are necessary:

Taking a break is sometimes all that we need to just recharge. To get our mind, body, and soul back on track. To keep ourselves from burning out. It gives you clarity. To see how you will be moving forward. To re-evaluate your missions and goals in life.

The key to hustling hard is to pause.

Quote from Lily Singh’s book~How to be a Bawse

Taking a break is like the quiet before the storm. You relax so that you can go forward in confidence and with ambition, with a revived passion and energy.


  • Overdo your break
  • Get stuck in relaxed mode
  • Force yourself and be too hard on yourself, take a break if it is what you need.

Thanks for reading and I hope you take a break when it is needed and to not feel guilty about it. After all, we are only human.

I wish you love, happiness, health, and wealth. 💕


  1. I’ll take a break when I’m friggin dead, but you probably knew I’d say that. I just read some lady’s blog where she asked her boss for a few days break and he fired her. I walked through the desert two and 1/2 hours, because I needed to get some cheese and a diet Dr. Pepper. When I got home, it was 107 degrees. Now, was walking through the desert the break, and getting home and obsessing about this futile blog the thing I needed the break from? You will be happy to know, the cheese survived, and there was ice in the freezer, but a 12 oz Diet Dr. Pepper disappears in about 5 seconds after a six mile walk in 107 degrees. Happy Sunday child.

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  2. 😂. Yeah, the world is a cruel place…Thanks for sharing your thought-provoking comment, I appreciate it.💕

    P.S You can take a break mentally too🙃

    Much love and abundance. Take care🤗💕

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  3. Well written & relatable quotes….we all need break….mentally and physically….people can deny as much as they want….but without breaks, we are as good as broken

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  4. “Force yourself and be too hard on yourself, take a break if it is what you need.”

    This struggle is real. As many times as people have told me to take breaks and write for myself, I just couldn’t. I’m weird and I take (took) my writing too seriously. And with that being said I watched stats and the follow numbers fluctuate in downward spirals.

    I had to do something… it really wasn’t what I wanted to do. And I don’t think too many people actually cared.

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