Flash Fiction #3

Free at last

It was you who held me captive. It was you who had me attached to your cruelty, hoping for change, to see more of your sweetness that I so desperately craved for.

I honored my promises because I value them even though you never valued yours. I stood by my words in the church that day, the words that so easily slid off my tongue and into my heart, and even though they just as easily rolled off your tongue they were never meant by you, it was all just for show.

I never listened to any advice, not even from my own mother, because your love was all I knew. I saw your flaws as the thorns on a rose and not for what it truly was, intoxicating poison running deeply in my veins. I couldn’t get rid of you. The thought never even ran through my mind.

I never cheated, even though you confronted me almost daily, going mad, breaking stuff. You did all these cruel things to me even though it was I who should have done these things to you. I never betrayed you in any way, though you probably betrayed me daily.

You stole my freedom… I almost never left the house, I rarely visited family, and my friends had done to me what I was forced to do to them, write them off. I had to quit my job for you. I had to stay away from the parties you were so willingly going without me, you told me so easily you were embarrassed by me. You made me dependant on you in every way possible. You brainwashed me bit by bit.

You stole my love… I was willing to do everything and anything for you. I cared deeply for you and only you. No pets, barely any family, and worst of all no friends, none. No one to talk and interact with except for you.

You stole me… You took bits and bits away of me until there nothing left. You took my true hapiness, hobbies and love for art away from me. You made me hate the things I once loved about me. You made me believe there was no God.

Perhaps these mistakes were all mine and not yours. I allowed you to walk all over me, control, and manipulate me. It was I who lowered my standards, forgot my values, and blindly praised you, followed you in whichever mixture of hell and heaven you wanted to take me.

It was I who was the true fool, for not seeing what you have done to me. Allowing everything without a second thought.

I mourned your tragic death for months on end, but I finally came to realize I should be happy, for now, I am free. You were nothing more than a burden, good riddance.

This chance was granted to me. To start over. To find my own way. To find myself again. To learn how to love. To become a new man.

At last, I am free from your bitter, cold heart. Your ruthless actions. Your betrayal. Your mind games. You are gone and I see now that I couldn’t be more blessed.

At last I am free.

There are so many toxic relationships out there and I have seen people not realizing how toxic it is. I have seen people who know they are in a toxic relationship but get out and then run back as soon as possible. Attachment and dependency is a dangerous thing. The toxic type of love can become a drug.

Toxic relationships come in every form. Where the woman or man is bad to their partner. Where both are bad for each other. The key is realizing how it truly affects you and taking actions to either walk away or fix everything. Though trying to fix years and years of problems is an harder fight especially when the other one is not willing to give up their power and control.

This doesn’t just happen between straight couples, it exists in every single form.


  1. Very glad to hear it🌸
    Thanks for your support, for reading and leaving your sweet thoughts, it is deeply appreciated🤗💕
    Much love and abundance. Take care🤗💕

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  2. Love *&* marriage not shared nor returned by her husband robbed her,his wife of her freedom *&* held her, woman to her, man and she

    loved a man who didn’t love her, but she finally came to her five senses and escaped from a toxic relation ship,*&* now she is free.

    This is a great writings that show millions how to let go of a toxic relation!

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  3. Thanks! You said it wisely, (but I think you missed my plot twist, it was a man at the end…) Yeah, it is tragic when this happens in relationships.
    Thanks for your appreciation, much love, and abundance🤗
    Take care🤗💕

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  4. Glad you saw that😄🌸 I wish exactly the same. Red flags shouldn’t ever be ignored.

    Thank you, dear ma’am, for reading and leaving your much-appreciated thoughts.🤗💕

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  5. Wonderful post dear…🤗

    If you try to become everything for everyone before you become something for someone, you will end up becoming nothing for no one.

    So choose your people wisely.

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  6. Now I was planning on shutting down my blog, but lately I have been unusually inspired, and for some reason people are reading me, which is strange and unexpected. Perhaps you are my muse? Whatever, Karlien, I think you should know I featured you as a character in https://mmpmagicmodernizationproject.com/green-magic/ because, ummmmm, I don’t think it is right that I should feature you as a character and you not know about it.

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  7. So happy to hear you have gotten some inspiration.
    Thank you so much, I will check it out🤗💕

    Much love and abundance. Take good care.💞


  8. Thank you so much🌸💕 Unfortunately I don’t do awards any longer, but I would for sure check out your post. Thanks again, I appreciate it.

    Much love and abundance. Take care.🤗💕

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  9. So beautifully written. It is true that relationships between any two people can be toxic. A toxic relationship is like an anchor, it keeps you from moving forward and will drag you down. They need to be cut loose from your life. Thank you. Take care.

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  10. That, was thought provoking and revealed harsh realities of abusive relationships. You would be hard pressed to write such a masterpiece without experience in such things.

    As I approach 17 years of marraige, it sickens me that a man might control his spouse in such a way.

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  11. Thanks, I try💕

    Wow, congrats🥂
    Exactly, but it is almost worse for me when a woman has such control and power over her husband. I can’t believe the things that humans do to each other. Like you say, it is sickening.


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