The importance of first impressions

The thing about first impressions is that they, unfortunately, set the foundation of the future with a person.

Why is that? well, you know that quote saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Well I’m a bit of a bookworm, and a books cover is what makes me drawn to them. You get drawn by the front cover and the back cover, is what keeps you there.

So see it as this:

Front cover=The way we look and act physically. Our facial expressions and our postures.

Back cover= The side of the personality that we show them. The part of our story that we choose to share.

In life, our cover, our first impression, is what determines our future. Take for instance a job interview, how you hold your body, and choose which side of you is necessary to share will all have a factor in getting the job.

I believe we all judge a book by its cover, its how we choose who is worth being in our lives and who we shouldn’t waste time on. We all have our preferences and different tastes. It’s impossible to let everyone like you. You can have exactly the same first cover on for two different people and the results will probably differ, but do you know what? It’s fine. That is life and everything happens for a reason.

Did you know you can only be very close to about 150 people in your life?

See, we choose our circles. Our covers are what makes people keep us or throw us away.

There are books with bad covers and amazing content, but if I don’t like the cover I’ll probably not buy the book, as simple as that.

First impressions determine how they think about you and ultimately how they’ll treat you. It determines whether they will be warm and open-hearted or ice queens and kings that give you the cold shoulder.

First impressions are important because it’s not easy to change someone’s view of you. It takes time and effort and they may still not like you.

Yes, first impressions are important if you want someone to get along with you, but you aren’t every person’s cup of tea and that is totally fine.

First impressions go both ways. You make a quick summary of them and who they are, just like they make a quick summary of you and who you are.

Remember, you can choose to give something importance too. I personally don’t give first impressions too much importance though, cause as I said, everything happens for a reason and I don’t have to prove myself to anyone just as nobody has to prove themselves to me. Those who choose to be in my life I welcome with open arms and those who don’t, well it’s their choice and I’m, not the one missing out.

Please note:

I am simply trying to state that we, as human beings have an instinct to judge based on first impressions and that we usually stick to those judgments, it takes getting to know each other better to let those judgments change. Judging is so a negative word, yet it’s the only word I can use to describe how we separate people from each other, from ourselves. Our thoughts about someone, whether it’s good or bad, is judgment, it’s our personal perspective of that person. It’s simply how we operate.

Thanks for supporting me and reading this blog, hope you liked it. Namaste💞

Just one last thought🤗💞


  1. That’s true, people do judge based on your first impression. Even if it is well said that do not judge a book by its cover, people do judge. This happens because the statement is incomplete, it tells us not to judge by its cover, but it doesn’t tells us how to judge then? Afterall we have to judge, we have to make opinion about someone, only then we will be able to differentiate whom we want to be with and whom not. This is completely agree with you Karlien, we should judge a book by its cover.
    But for me personally I take time to make opinion about someone. I don’t want to make any mistake in making opinion about someone, I talk,interact, spend time, take & give advice, then I come to final conclusion , a final impression, a final opinion. I believe judging a book by its cover only is not fair, a book should be judged overall, its content, its cover, its back cover, everything.

    I have a suggestion for you Karlien, I think there is a word mistyped in this line “See, we choose our circles. Our covers is what makes people keep us or theow us away”

    Check spelling of theow, is it correct or it should be throw there?

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  2. You make a great point, they don’t teach us how to judge, judging is seen as a bad thing, even by me, but it’s the way you judge… Some personalities just aren’t meant to mix with each other and that’s totally fine, we should except that we all won’t get along. There are many people in my life who are such great people, but we just don’t get along and that’s totally okay. I’m not saying we should judge people, but as a human being, it’s an instinct to judge from first impressions.

    It’s so good that you try and get to know a person for what and who they really are, but what do you do when the table is turned? Let’s say you’ve made a very bad impression, do you try to fix it? is it worth to try and fix it? do you try and spend more time with that person even though you maybe get a cold shoulder? Or do you except that they just don’t like you and that they’ll come around when the time is right?

    Thank you so much, I guess I should proofread and edit better next time🙈😂

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  3. First impressions *&* book covers that attracts are initial first impressions
    but what counts most is how do you end up begs the question
    “do the Ends justify the Means”
    then decide are first impressions *&* attractive book covers
    out weight ups *&* downs pursuing success *&* obtaining all of the goals you set for yourself! (A thoughtful post)!

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  4. Suppose I have made a bad impression, then fixing it or not fixing it depends on the next person, if that person matters for me, I do try to fix my bad impression, if not I just leave and move on. Because if that person doesn’t matter for me why should I bother to fix my impression. People’s opinions changes with time. If it is bad now, it’s not permanent, it may change when they see your good work.
    And if somebody don’t like me, then also it’s ok for me as I may find someone else who will like me. As you said it correctly that we can’t be good in everyone’s eyes. Our personality is a mix of both good and bad. For some we are bad for some we are good. It all depends on situation we face. It all depends on the person next to us. Someone said it correctly my personality and my behavior is all dependent on your age and maturity. If you behave childish I behave childish. If you are mature I am also matured.

    And you don’t need to proofread, it was just a single spelling typed wrong. Your total content and words were perfect. You wrote it beautifully. I like the way you write. It seems you are talking with me. You made a good use of story telling technique.

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  5. I aggree with your every single word, dear Mr. Dinanath. Thanks for broadening my perspective. Thanks for letting me see a different light.🌸

    Your words are much too kind. Thank you, dear friend. I didn’t even notice I’m using a storytelling technique, once again thanks for pointing it out🤗💞

    I am appreciative of you interacting with me about my content, its interesting to see how others view it. Thank you, it is truly appreciated🌸💞

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  6. 💞 This interaction was wonderful, indeed. Feel free to share your thoughts anytime, whether it’s about my content or not.
    Thanks again🤗💞

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  7. Nuggets of inspiration! Thanks for sharing this tips

    Sometimes we have to behave indifferent towards people who proclaim their love to us, just to see if they are really different.

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  8. Beautiful post Karlien. Your words are true, we are attracted to beauty and first impressions are important. It takes time to get to know the real person just like it takes time to read a book. I have met people who gave off a bad impression and it turned out they weren’t good people. I have also met people who gave off a bad impression but after spending time with them I realized my impression was wrong. I was first attracted to my wife by her beauty but it was her inner self that I fell in love with. Thank you and take care.

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  9. So true, Karlien! We tend to judge or rather form impressions at our first encounter. Sometimes it leaves a lasting impact and sometimes it changes based on our consequent interactions.

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  10. Liked your line afterwards – I personally don’t believe on first impressions, because as you started from the book and it’s cover it reflected as if you are in total favour of first impressions alone and not the inner soul. But loved how you concluded with a practical thought. Thanks for posting! 😊

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  11. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, but can I ask…so when you meet someone new and they were totally awesome you would probably still hang out with them, right? but let’s say you meet someone new, who is very rude and everything that is bad, do you keep on trying or do you rather stay away? I’d love to hear what you think about whether first impressions do count, even just a bit?

    Thanks for reading🤗

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  12. Yes that’s very much true and i agreed on the first thoughts of your post. First impressions do count and that’s how a small judgement gets fixed in our mind about the other person based on his initial body language and thoughts. That’s why i wrote first impressions alone. Let us say you are with a client and you are in a meeting and he seems to be rude in first place. Sometimes our instincts don’t match in first place but we may not be correct all the time. So, i think we should give a second chance always that’s it!
    Sorry for so long thought/comment 😊

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  13. No worries🤗 Indeed, second chances should always be given, I totally agree with that. Life is all about second chances and getting to truly know people.

    (I guess I didn’t quite put the correct and a clear message across with this post.)

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, feel welcome to do it again.🤗💞

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  14. True 🙂

    This one thought could be in the middle of the post but then your last image/thought (of inner soul)gave the message loud and clear. So, don’t at all worry about it.

    Thanks for writing such a blog post! Waiting for your next posts. Thanks 😊

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  15. So very true, I never thought of that😀. We only get to know more about a thing or person when we invest time and effort, that is when the first impression starts to fade away and we create a new perspective of that thing/person.

    Thanks for reading and sharing your thought, it is very much appreciated🤗💞

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