The 3 things that make your personality

In the end, it’s our personality and appearances that make us all unique. The way we see the world. The way we tackle life. The things we say and do. All these contribute to we are.

The way you think.

The way you feel.

The way you act.

These are the key, main factors of our personality. It’s as simple and as complicated as that. We become our thoughts, we connect emotions to our thoughts, and our thoughts often times become our actions.

Your personality is flexible

We create this belief that this is who you are, but the truth is you are putting yourself in a box, you have a choice to who you want to be… I think my personality has probably changed a 100times before, every few months I do a personality test (there are 16 types of personalities) and my answer is almost always different. Why is that? Well mainly because once again, those three main factors determine who we are. If those things change, our inner self changes too.

Are you an astrology/astronomy lover like I am? Do you know your zodiac signs or do you simply not believe in the stars? The thing with astrology and personality quizzes (like on Buzzfeed) is that it’s great to discover more about who you are, but it’s more of a permission slip than it is facts, we sometimes put too much importance on this stuff. We believe in it, and believing has a strong influence on our thoughts and even emotions. Our beliefs become apart of our subconscious minds and it is up to us to recreate our believes.

Who you are is up to you.

Our personality creates our personal reality

Where attention goes energy flows. Positivity attracts positivity and the same with negativity.

If our thoughts are pure and happy; our hearts filled with love and gratefulness; our actions good, how could you possibly still have a bad life?

Choices. Life is full of choices, we have the choice to be happy, we have the choice for who we want to be and we have the choice to make change in everything that we do. Its never too late.

Thanks for reading. Blessings💞


  1. Good one Karlien. Ultimately it is our thoughts only that create our reality. It is will power that gives energy to our thoughts.

    Stay happy. Stay safe. Stay loved

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  2. That first picture speaks volumes! It shows a very clever and true transition, such that if starts badly then one is doomed.
    Thanks for sharing 💚

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  3. Thank you dear Dinbandhu, but I can’t take all the credit, these aren’t my original thoughts, but it was something worth sharing.
    Thanks for reading and leaving a comment, I appreciate it🤗💞

    (Check out Aaron Doughty, on YouTube and Instagram)

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  4. You are too kind, but I just want to inform you that I will be doing the award posts later in the week, it takes a fair amount of time and I have a lot on my todo list.😵
    Again, thanks for nominating me, its a great honor💞🌸

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  5. I can’t change. I’ve tried lol. You either take me or leave me lol!


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