Learning is a lifelong journey

Thanks for the inpiration🔥Please follow his blog and his podcast.


“Together we can make it to the top”

I believe we never stop learning no matter how old we are, there is always something new we can learn, whether it be in friendships, relationships, hobbies, careers, oneself and just about anything really.

I also believe we can learn from absolutely anyone, the young and the old. Learning can be directly and indirectly. Directly is carreers and hobbies. Indirectly can be like a fight and with each fight you learn to control your anger or words.

The universe has its ways to get a point across.~A lesson will be there until it’s learned. Life throws many challenges at us on times, and I know it’s for the greater cause, to make us stronger, protect or prepare us.


Each time we want to start a new hobby, we are going through different processes to learn it, to master the needed skills, and to master the hobby. The same goes for starting a career, we go to school, college/university and somewhere after or between the process we start to work, even in the workspace we have to learn different skills and mindsets, we have to adapt. Then you are still probably learning and trying to get a promotion and be at the top of your game.

Most of you who are reading this are bloggers as well, I haven’t been in the game for long, but I know this, we learn something new every day, I discover new people and blogs every single day, and I also learn through research for posts.

Pretty much

The best way to learn new things, in my opinion, is through people and books.

People have firsthand experience, knowledge, wisdom, and most likely a different point of view on life too, and books are written by such people. I was once asked; if you have to choose to only be able to read for a year or be an ability to talk for a year, which would you choose?~I chose books because most books are years of knowledge and experience and lessons you can learn the easy way, whereas, with people, most questions and conversations don’t go deep and so you may get to know a lot about a person, but not much about what he or she has learned in life. 🔥Please let me know whether you would choose books or people and then share your reasons and opinions on why🔥


Learning is a way of life, it is our life journey. Learning means growing and I don’t know about you, but I love growing. What’s the point of life if we stay the same each and every day? I love taking on new skills and adventures, I love trying to become a better person, I just love growing, which goes without saying, I love learning.

Learning sometimes means failing. Some of us learn lessons the hard way. It is through failing that marks are left and we remember the lessons forever, we start to live by it and carry it throughout our lives and share it with those willing to listen.

I want to share some of the things I’ve learned so far in my life, and please, feel welcome to share any lesson you’ve learned, anything at all.🤗

  • Happiness is a choice
  • Love starts within ourselves
  • Promote what you love and don’t bash what you hate, because energy flows where energy goes.
  • Always have a grateful heart and don’t take anything for granted. You could be without it in a blink of an eye
  • Dream big and aim high.

~Thanks for reading🤗🔥


It’s my fifth blog post and I am grateful to have lasted a week. I know. A week isn’t that long, I know, but for me, it is a small achievement, a small milestone… Thanks, for reading my blog, commenting, sharing, and following. Thanks for all the support, it is deeply appreciated❤

🌸With blogging and reading, I know I will never stop learning

Some blogs you can learn from, because I know I certainly did.

(If you are added here and you don’t want to be, or don’t like the way I added you, just tell me in the comments and I’ll fix it🤗)

  • Inspirechief http://inspirechief.wordpress.com/
  • He also has a Free E-book, which is quick and very helpful
  • He has had much success along with many failures, we can all learn a lot from him.

Thanks again for all the love and support🔥❤🤗



  1. Learning is from the cradle to the grave as you exit earth *&* enter enter heaven or hell, but being taught by teachers *&* mentors *&* learning their teaching from 1-to-10 continuing from A-to-Z, I discovered that I like to teach, but I love to learn!!!

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  2. I am humbled by your words. Thank you for mentioning my blog. You are an amazing person. I have had a rough two days “learning” something new. Technology is not my strong suit. I follow the steps and it seems easy but doesn’t work in the end. It is very frustrating. Somehow I hacked my way through it and it seems to have worked. My day became brighter reading your post. Thank you 🙏.

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  3. I am happy to have lit up your day a bit🔥🤗 I am very glad to hear things have worked out🌸 You inspire me more than words can tell and I really hope that people discover and follow you🔥 Thanks for your support🤗❤

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  4. Life is a constant process of change and changes comes learning, both formal and education and informal education is part of this. Reading is also part of this.

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  5. Indeed, learning is a continual process and WordPress is a great community to learn from. Congrats on your 5th successful post and enjoy this journey of yours learning🙂.

    Really nice blogs you’ve shared on the list. Thanks for the mention.

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  6. Thank you very much and thanks for all the support and comments🔥 It is truly appreciated❤
    I enjoy the WordPress community, here is a lot of love and support. I hope you are still enjoying the blogging journey🤗

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  7. Welcome. I am enjoying it. I literally dedicate an hour or 2 in my days to WordPress. Either reading posts or writing. I find it really helps in putting your thoughts together, a good way to channel and build creativity❤

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  8. I am glad to hear you still enjoy it. Your dedication inspires me🔥 I enjoy reading all these different talents, creativity and posts on differents subjects. I wish I had discovered WordPress sooner… Teamwork makes the dreamwork💥 Blogging lit up a fire of passion inside of me.

    How long have you been blogging on WordPress?

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  9. I also wish the same, but things show up in our lives when we are ready for them. Maybe this is your perfect time and your not late. Nice quote🙂.

    I can imagine the fire, keep it burning. Experiment with your writing, it’ll help you write even better than you thought you could, read more and gain new perspectives.

    This is my 8th month.

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  10. Thanks❤ I will be happy to check your blogs out🤗 Please send me all the details when your novel is out, I would love toread it🔥🤗


  11. Yes, you are right, thanks for reminding me🌸.

    Thanks, I will for sure.🔥🤗

    Wow, congrats, and your dedication is still so strong, wow, just wow!🔥

    Thanks for all your support, inspiration and commenting, it means a lot to me. You have my support 100%🤗
    Thanks again🤗❤

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  12. Thank you and welcome😊

    I appreciate your words and support and look forward to supporting you to🌻


  13. Indeed, just like everything in life, learning holds its own challenges. Thank you, dear Nova, for reading and leaving this insightful comment🤗❤

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  14. Each day is new. And it brings new tasks. Everyday of our life is like a exam and the most important thing is we don’t even get time for preparation. So we need to be prepared to learn fast and live up on every tasks

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