The dangers of putting someone on a pedestal


Have you ever put someone on a pedestal? Maybe you have, it could have been as simple as having a huge crush on someone so badly that you aren’t even yourself around them, you are quiet and withdrawn more than usual and don’t know how to act around that person. Or maybe somebody even put you on a pedestal, admiring you, telling you how great you are at every given chance to a point that you don’t even know how to keep reacting.

See the thing is, when we put someone high up on that pedestal we are basically downgrading ourselves. We idalise that person in a wrong way, seeing everything they are and we are not.

and the more someone looks down at you the more you look down on yourself

Comparing ourselves

This is, in my opinion, the worst thing you can do, looking at someone and seeing everything you are not. The moment we compare ourselves to them, seeing them as gods and goddesses, is the moment we forget our self-worth, downgrading ourselves in the most negative way possible.

Creating seperation (Pushing them away)

This quote says it all.

The higher you put someone up on that pedestal, the more you are different, creating a vibe of separation and distance, which cannot always be easily corrected and changed. I am not saying put yourself up on that pedestal, ’cause it can be just as dangerous when it comes to creating seperation, but rather see your value, but see theirs too without putting them way above you.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying admiration is a bad thing, I am simply saying that admiration becomes a bad thing when in the process you connect negativity to yourself or the other person and then create seperation. Admire people, but do it without putting them way above or below you.

Focus on building yourself up. Let others create themselves. It levels the playing field and gives everyone the space and freemdom to own their own light~Ateeya Manzoor

Questions to ask:

  • Are you building them up or really putting yourself down?
  • Are you uplifting them or hiding behind them
  • Celebrating their beauty and success or failure to see your own?
  • Are you putting their worth above yours?
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  1. Hi Sheryl, thanks so much for following me too. I am so happy to hear you like it, it means so much to me since I only recently started this blog. Thank you, you inspire and motivate me🔥❤😙

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  2. I just listened to a podcast about this topic the other day, so your blog post is very relevant to me. I didn’t realize how often I subconsciously placed others on pedestals or idolized them. People are people, and nobody is better than another.

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  3. The podcast episode is a couple years old but I still listen to the older ones. It was from a podcast called about why we need to stop idolizing people.

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  4. Oh thanks🤗 If you are interested in these kind of stuff, I recomend Aaron Doughty, he is on Instagram and has 2 YouTube channels. I am very sure you will love him🔥

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  5. I haven’t heard of him before lol I love self-help podcasts and videos so I will check him out! Thank you for the recommendation 🙂

    Also, thank you for following my blog. I try to post one blog post a week but it doesn’t always happen. 🤭

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  6. My blog is 4 years old but I didn’t really do anything with it until April 2019. It’s good to support other bloggers, plus I really like your content. Welcome to the WP community! 😊💕

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  7. Awww😍🤗 thanks, you make me feel at home❤ What made you start using your account? I am so glad to hear you like my content and I have to say, I love yours as well…
    The support has been amazing and I love to read all the different blogs out there, I can read for hours on end🔥Blogging is my new found passion🔥❤ I love writing, always did, but when I had put that first blog post out, something inside me lit up🙈🔥

    Thanks for your love and support❤🤗


  8. I agree 100% with you. Admiration is good. Inspiration is good. But Blind Loyalty and Servile Attitude is Bad.

    Humility adds beauty to Pride. But Servility and submissivity is deplorable.

    You have beautifully written.

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  9. Everyone puts their pants on one leg at a time… No one is great enough to be worshipped. The truly successful people in life are very humble and give continually without expectation.

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